Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sulu Terrorist at Lahad Datu, Sabah

I am a very small citizen at Malaysia but I read the newspaper everyday. I would like to summarize a little bit the story about Sulu Terrorist at Sabah. First of all,

Dato Hishamuydin tell us that he want to peacefully discuss with Sulu Terrorist WITHOUT hurt even for one people. Supposely it is a good new for us but how we can able to discuss with Terrorist?

At the end 2 captain of police are killed by terrorist and all the citizen at lahad Datu are running aways to tawau or some other place......and all the shops are closed. After that the government tell us that we are safe in Malaysia and Sulu Terrorist is in control by our policemen according to the chief of the police Malaysia.

After the next days, I saw in facebook Sulu Terrorist had landed at Semporna not only at Lahad Datu and he killed 6 policemen. There is one more funny things is that our Lahad Datu 20 citizen without the gun able to hit one Sulu Terrorist with M16 gun until he died. I am proud with them.

Look like the situation is a bit out of control. Army from Kuala Lumpur is coming to support the policemen but they are coming with Air Asia but not coming with aircraft. Again it is surprising all the Malaysian citizen include myself............

I really hope our army really can do something ..... and the story is finished and we can again go back to peaceful country.

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