Friday, January 11, 2013

Famous Delicacies in Ipoh

Ipoh is the capital city of Perak located north of Kuala Lumpur (apprximately 4 hours drive from Muar). 

Ipoh has a vibrant food scene with a vast proliferation of hawker centers and restaurants. It is well known for dishes such as "Sar Hor Fun" (Chinese沙河粉). Other dishes from Ipoh include "Hor Hee", flat white rice noodles served with fish cakes and/or fish balls, "Nga Choi Kai" (Chinese芽菜鸡), a chicken fillet with soy sauce and beansprouts with pepper spread on top (drooling, my favourite) ,yellow rice noodles served with mince meat (pork) sauce and "Heong Peng" (Chinese香饼) (my favourite), a type of biscuit. Besides, Ipoh is famous for its "Ipoh white coffee".

So, traveled all the way to Ipoh with my dear June June and colleagues after works.  

First stop when we reached Ipoh:

a) Onn Kee Nga Choi Kai Restaurant.

This is the "kai" (chickens). Yummy and juicy. The gravy tasted good as well. 

This is the "nga choi" (bean sprouts). Their size are so big and short as compared to Muar one. They are also so crunchy when I bite it. *Crack* that's the sound. 

Lovely colleagues and I

Second stop after dinner:

b) Tong sui kai (Dessert street).

It's a street (long one) with many food and dessert stalls you can hunt for.

We ordered "sai milo" (shaved ice tasted with fruits and sago). So cooling. I ordered the yam flavour. Yums.!! Go try it out yourself.

Second day, early morning:

c) Foh Sang Restaurant

It is a dim sum eating restaurant.

Suggestion: Better go there early as the later will be hassle with people. Really so pack and you need to wait for the seats. Luckily we managed to get the seat when we reached. =)

Dim sum

Waiting my colleagues to get more dim sum. #likeaboss 

Self-captured with my lovely wife. <3 p="p">

Dim sumsssssssss.... Get ready! 1....2....3....nom nom....

Happy faces. =)

d) Nam Heong Coffee.

After breakfast, we headed to Nam Heong Restaurant for their famous Ipoh Old Town Coffee. I'm not a coffee type person but it is a must to try when you reached here. 

Ipoh Old Town White Coffee (iced). Tasted so aromatic and smooth. SLurrppp....down the throat. 

Featured in the newspapers

Happy coffee lovers face

Last stop:

e) Dai Shu Geok (Big Tree Foot)

There are many food stalls here. All you can eat. But we went for their Yong Tau Foo.

So many Q up for their orders.

Waiting #likeaboss

Famous for Lo Shu Fen as well. 

More foods for us!

Deliciously succulent and bouncy deep fried fish paste stuffed in various manners.

Another "Yim kok kai" (Salty chicken) we bought from town earlier. Haha

So, that's all for some famous delicacies I got to try during my trip to Ipoh. For sure will back to Ipoh again to try out some other stuffs. 

Do let me know any other famous and delicious foods in Ipoh or somewhere else so that I can try it out next time. 

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