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Kinabalu Mountain Expediture (2 March until 4 March 2013)

Last week, from 2 March until 4 March 2013, i was joining my friends at Kota Kinabalu(KK) to climb again the Kinabalu mountain. This is my second time to challenge this mountain. From my first time experience, I was not able to reach to the top of mountain because it was raining that time and the mountain guide dont allow to continue to climb. So this time the first preparation that I do is I go to the temple and pray dont rain again before i do any physical training.

This time i will stay 3 days 2 night in kinabalu mountain compare to last time 2 days 1 night. This mean that I have more times together to have the joke, to play together, to ask the current condition for each other with my friends. 

The first day we are staying in Mesilau and fetched by the van from Kinabalu Park which provided by Sutera Harbour. Basically Mesilau is a nice place to live with because it is cold and have a lot of nice view to see.
The place that we lived at Mesilau. Luckily we have the hot water at here, therefore we able to take the bath and the bed also very nice to sleep........... I was sleeping very well at here before climbing the mountain.
The temperature at Mesilau here is 10.6 degree which can consider very cold with the wind blow.
My friend and I challenge the coldness at Mesilau here and if possible we hope that we can do this at the top of the mountain.... haha.......
Taking a photo together with my group at Mesilau Restaurant here included at the package as well.

Our captain, Justin Yap was giving us the "card permit" to climb the mountain. Each of the card have the number so that the mountain guide easy to recognise you are from which group so that you will not missing inside the mountain. I was very lucky because my number is MA01 that mean i need to climb no 1 in my group.
The first challenge is from Mesilau to Laban Rata. We have to stay at there for one night before climb to the top of mountain. Before start to climb, we can take group photo with the time 8.45am.
Some of the difficult track along the journey that most possible make you to give up or take rest.
Another rock track..... Be careful with your hanphone inside your pocket once drop down consider spoilt.... I am not cheating you because my friend's phone was drop down and spoilt already ... :)
Our mountain guide able to carry very heavy things from climbers. However we need to pay for 1 kg for RM9 if we ask them to take for us. There is more interesting things when we are climbing is that we saw a mountain guide carry a men around 80kg from top to bottom, we suspect that he is injured already. therefore be careful when you climb the mountain.

One of the photo i take together with my friend, Jacob at the journey. Along of the journey you may see that everybody from different country will say "Hello" to you. This type of feeling is really warm.... please do so when you climb the mountain. Another thing is that many people will say that you are ALMOST reach Laban Rata but please dont believe about it ....... this is what i can share with you.

By 1.45pm, finally we reach the Laban rata and we are the No 1 but we dont ahve prize even though we are No 1 :( !!! But for us we feel proud because we able to reach here with this type of short time......... As usual people will reach here around 3 or 4 pm normally.

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Therefore, believe yourself while you are climbing the mountain.

The view at Laban rata which consider very beautiful for me........ I love it very much.

After taking the buffet dinner at Laban rata we need to quickly go to sleep because by 2pm we need to climb again from Laban Rata to the top of mountain. In Laban Rata here, there is no hot water that mean everybody is not taking the bath. PLEASE dont challege the cold water here. It is really like the ice water. I believe some of the people even didnt change their underwear and directly sleep ............

From my last experience, I know that it will be very cold at the top of mountain. Therefore, I decided to wear 3 clothes + 1 warm jacket + 2 underwear to protect my "bird bird" + 1 jean + 1 head lamp + 1 cap + 1 mask and 1 gloves. Look like I am full of weapon there is no reason I cannot reach the top of mountain. Therefore, we start to climb the mountain exactly at 2.45pm. This time we are not able to take the group photo because we are late.

Some of the "ghosts" flying at the midnight.
The beauty of sky at the midnight.

Throughout the journey you will pass through a lot of dangerous place which require your patient and strength and .............. Some of the times i feel want to give up but i force myself to follow exactly the step with Justin Yap. One step by one step without stoping because once you stop it will consider you die........ Remember dont keep rest you will feel very cold......oxygen is also getting less and less when you are climbing higher and higher.

Without giving up, finally we reach the top of the mountain. Hello to everyone, we reach the top of the mountain !!!!! Unfortunately I not able to take out all my clothes to challenge the coldness. At here you will discover many people like to take the photo with this signboard to prove that you reach here. And many of the people will wait here for sunrise although it is cold. Be careful since many people at here because you are in the line of death and live once you drop down that mean you can "bye bye" to the world...........

Please take out RM1 ringgit to compare this mountain with the mountain inside money. Is it the same?

Another nice mountain view.......

For sure, this is my first time reach to the top of mountain. I wish to see the sunrise as well. So that I wai together with my good friend + captain, Justin yap. See how ugly his hair.

I cannot describe how beautiful this scenary.............

Finally the sun is rise, you can see anybody take out their camera to take the photo. After you will feel that you are not more cold after the sunrise.......
After finish viewing the sunrise we decided to go down and back to Laban Rata to have our breakfast.

For sure we will take some photo along the journey as a memory and relax to go down without rushing.
Jumping at the mountain....... see how nice his style ..... Like it :)

Everybody is jumping with different style...... haha......

Acting to pull the rope and act tired instruce by our mountain guide....... it is fun .....

We are sitting at the sky. The sky is just very near to us.........

Some of nice view that capture by my friend, Alex.

Some of nice forest view that capture by my friend, Alex.

Around 8.30 am all of us were safely reach the Laban Rata and having our breakfast. Again everybody is describe how powerful they are and share with each other. We are really happy to talk this and that.

At 10.45am we decided to go down from Laban Rate to Timpohan Gate. Before go down again we take a group at Laban Rata here.

Along the journey down to Timpohan gate you will see people carry the gas tong to Laban rata. I really impress on them from my bottom of heart.

At here it is the time that you tell the people who going to Laban rata and say "you are almost there, jia you" ..... this is what I do along the journey.

At here we are seldom take the photo because we are tired + scenary is not so pretty. We reached at Timpohan Gate at 12.45pm. Finally we completed our Kinabalu Climb Expediture, everybody are safe and we shout loudly at Timpohan Gate "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" !!!!

If you are interested you may read my first time experience at Kinabalu Mount at here :

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