Thursday, January 1, 2009

Preparation go to climb Mt Kinanalu

Tomorrow morning I will start my journey go to climb Mt Kinabalu. In this trip, around 20 of my friends are going together so it should be a fun trip for me. The first thing before go to climb Mt Kinabalu I need to do is "reading KENNY SIA 's Mt Kinabalu Expendition and The day I climb to Mt Kinabalu" to have a general guidelines about climbing Mt Kinabalu.

I prepared very well neither physically nor mentally. My packing list includes :

A enough warm jacket
One of my friend is just climbed the Mt Kinabalu, she said that the temperature at Mt Kinabalu now is between 0 degree and negative 2 degree. I cant imagine how cold is the weather. Hopefully this jacket can give me a warm for the whole journey.

A pair of shoes
I plan go to buy a " kampong adidas" that costs me around RM 5. But Iam lazy go to buy so I decided to wear this shoes to climb the mountain. Hopefully it will not make any trouble for me.

A blue cap

Many of my friends bought the cap to cover the whole face, according to them, they said that the wind at Mt Kinabalu is "kinda" strong, so the cap is needed to prevent the face become very cold. According my theory, I bought this cap is just want to make myself look handsome so I can bring a lot of handsome photos to blog it.

A yellow raincoat

I seriously hope I don't have to use this. If not my fees (RM 400) is gone.

A headlight and a waterproof gloves

My headlight and gloves are borrowed from my friends and tonight only go to take from him. Since i do not have the photos so i borrowed Kenny Sia's G-string (view his blog). Hehe. Hopefully all of you do not mind about it.

A tourchlight
At sunday, I gotta wake up at 2am to climb. The road to the peak of Mt Kinabalu should be very dark. A powerful tourchlight (RM3) and headlight are needed for the trip.

Variable food
For your information, Iam not going for picnic but i prepared the food due to the reasons :

Cup Noodles: I do not want to eat at the restaurant at Mt Kinabalu because it is damn expensive.
Tiger biscuits : When I feel hungry i can eat about it.
Ribena : I need glucose to climb the mountain.
Raisins : When I feel I want to vomit when climb the mountain, I can eat raisins.
Tuna: I forgot to buy the bread, maybe I will buy it tonight. I can eat the bread with tuna for breakfast.
Red bull : I heard my friend say that once you drink the red bull, you can run ver fast like red bull to the top of the mountain.
100 plus and crispy : Just buy for "song song"

Iam not sarcrastic as kenny sia because

a) I do not have walking stick.
b) I do not have Long johns or thermal underwear.
c) I do not have carbohydrate-rich energy bars and electrolyte powder but i have red bull.
d) I do not have water purification tablets. Iam able to drink the rainwater.
e) I do not have sweater and trackpants. I just simply choose a pants from my cupboard.
Hopefully I will have a safe journey and of course I will bring back a lot of nice photos to blog about it.


Justin said...

Im first!!! :)

xL said...

I also want to climb!!!!

kennhyn said...

honestly I think u need chocolate bar, unless someone carry it for u, don't forget to bring those muscle relaxation cream... it will help too...enjoy your climb!

terence said...

Happy conquering the mount kinabalu!!!

♫╬ Chloe Aldrich ╬♪ said...

I don't know what to bring leh!! >.< I'm a Sabahan which haven't climb Mount Kinabalu yet! lol...

Hey hey.. how you go there? by yourself or with tours?!

Konea Kamin said...

enjoy your climb! :DD
i'll be climbing oso.. but not that soon la.. hehe...

June June said...

hopefully tomolo we manage to climb up.wahaha

ahmike said...

Bring me along brother :D Enjoy it ya xD I always want to climb there

alien said...

waa.. its fun..
bring along "power bar" and "deep heating rub"..

Jason Law said...

Wow ! It must be very very fun and exciting ~

It must be very freezing ~ Please take more photos man ~ You now must be climbing there ^^~

Is it expensive for the trips and all the stuffs? Please share more with us when you are back~ interesting !

sabahking said...

TO : Justin
I think I can climb faster than u !!

To : kennhyn
Thanks for the advise. Just buy the chocolate and the cream just now.

To: Chloe Tiff
I go there together with my friends by bus. It should be ok and we are well prepared.

To: Konea Kamin
I think u should go to climb as soon as possible. Because the fees are keeping increasing. Maybe next time u will spend Rm 1000 for climb the mountain.

To : ahmike
u can go to climb there as well. If not the fees will keep increase in future.

To : alien
I have my red bull already. run as fast as the red bull.

To : Jason
If you are interest, i can tell u the detail of how much for everything. Of course i will take a lot of beautiful photos.

Mackey~* said...

I think one jacket is not enough, u shld bring more cloths!
and u really need a face cover, or else ur face will like xxxking freeze!!!! hope u hv a really meaningful trip!! (I hope I can join you!!and!! tell me the detail also!!^.^) mayb I cn start planning to!!=D

Keong said...

how much it costs per person for the whole mt kk trip? where to book ar?

Jason Law said...

Lol~ I saw your post is posted on first of jan and you mentioned you are going by 2moro morning... Logically, you would be leaving in the morning of 2nd jan ~

Misleading ~

HuiHui said...


u really wan go o?
take care larr...

rockaholic said...

gud luck bro..

Harmony said...

wah. you need more water man

sabahking said...

To :mackey
My face really freezing cause i dun have the face cover.

To: Keong
the trip is around Rm400. About the detail u can view in the comment "Mt kinabalu climbing expendition"! just next two post of this.

To : Hui hui
FInally iam safe now.

To : rockaholic
Finally iam safe back form Mt Kinabalu.

To : Harmony
ya a lot of water is needed. Red bull and 100 plus are also important for the energy.