Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last day as a Failure Analysis Engineer at STMictoelectronic, 1 May 2012

After working as a failure analysis engineer for 2 years in STMicroelectronic, I think that this is the first time I received the surprise from my FA colleagues.

In these two years, I think that I really contribute a lot to my team by developing my team, helping each other, try to put them together and work as team and……

However, I think I wish to stop my career as a failure analysis engineer and work as a product engineer at STMicroeletronic to move myself to another level of knowledge. But I really didn’t expect that my junior which is going to substitute me that she buy me a cake and written as “Gambateh, Goai”. For me it is really touch….. and I really happy that day.

For sure I wont forget them even though I work as product engineer and I hope that they can continue to improve my FA team. Wish them success in their career as well.  

 Myself with beautiful cake.

 My fighting FA partner, Hadi for these 2 years. We are handling FAR coming from ST customer - Continental from worldwide.

 My junior. Hasliza who is going to substitute me. She is the people giving me this surprise.

 My APG team memebers without my boss, Bs Teo, Ts Kang and Mus.

Do you able to see the words? Gambateh Goai !!!!! I hope I can continue my fighting as a Product Engineer in STMicroelectronic as well.


Frances said...

Since you worked as a failure analysis engineer, there might be times when the product which you were looking into was just a waiting time bomb. Some items like these seem to be just a waste of material ain't it?

Mike Johnson said...
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Mike Johnson said...

You should concentrate in your Engineering Field and should stop avoid these things to make yourself a Perfect Engineer rather than a . Learn things from others and make the perfect Engineering Bodies.