Sunday, May 6, 2012

败者为王-Lee Chong Wei

Lee Chong Wei is one of my idol since I am in the secondary school. Maybe you will question why I admire him? I really impress with his disciplined when he is under training. For sure I like to see while he play, his skill, his defense  his smash, ….. everything is strange and cannot detect by his opponent. We know that the big opponent from him is Lin Dan from China. Lee Chong Wei never win any big title in big tournament compare with Lin Dan although he is world number one for 3 years.
He write a book known as 败者为王 mean the lost people is king. I think most of the people will not agree with this because how come a lost people can be a king. But after he read this book you will understand these. In this book he described a lot of the things since he was young and what is the obstacle he faced. How hardworking he is ? How displine he is? Who is the people to help him in his life? 

I love to read this book  and I hope he can take the first gold metal in Olympic in this year for Malaysia.

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