Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Dinner (6/4/2012) - Restaurant Todak Orang Aslis

Last few weeks, my friends and I decided to go to “stab” another friend, Li chiat for free dinner. We already planned this for long time as Li chiat always “stab” us for free meal. This chance we will not let him to escape. We choose a restaurant known as Restaurant Todak Orang Asli which Is quite famous restaurant in JB which it is selling the seafood. Without informing Li chiat that we are coming as well, we ask a girl, zi xin go to date him and he really fall in our trap since we know that he is very “like” to go out with girl.

That day my friends and I reached the restaurant quite early as we really want to see his reaction after he saw so many of his good friends are here… we really cant stop to laugh for this. We can imagine his reaction something like “stunned”, “pai seh”, “why you all are here”, ……. , candle dinner with a girl become gathering with the Muar friends. Haha…..

The surrounding of the restaurant. You can notice that so many people at here. So you have to book this before you come else it is very hard for you to get a place.

How fresh is their seafood !!! I notice that the prawn is very strong + fresh until they able to jump out from the net when catched by the worker.

The seafood at here is really quite expensive. Above is the photo showed how much expensive is the fish.

After he reached, what the reaction he had is really all what we expected. Haha…. !! We had already ordered many dishes for him. The food for this restaurant is really delicious but the price is quite expensive. Above is the some of the food that day. I am not able to capture all due to hungry while waiting Li chiat.

The blue shirt guy is li chiat who is the boss of that day.

After finished this “happy dinner”, we do chat a lot and we are really happy because there is less and less chance we able to gather all the old friends after you come out to work. For sure we had requested our Boss, Li chiat to settle the bills. We “stabbed” him for around RM300 for 9 people. Next time I am not sure who the turn is. Maybe is me, I need to put more money in my wallet. Haha….


JuneJune said...
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JuneJune said...

Nice meeting out with your dear friends.

sabahking said...

My friend all nice