Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Turning point and moving on


My girlfriend is always the most important people in my heart. No wonder what I made the decisions; I always will take her as my very first consideration. This is the main reason I need to moving on and change my current situation to have a better future me and june june.


I was playing a lot start from the child until now. I think that I need to move on and start to take care my family. It was my responsibility to them.

Financial management

I have a very weak financial management start from work until now. I even do not any saving for this two year. I realized this and I cannot just stand at here and continue like this. I need have some savings at least for my family and my future. This is the reason I start to control the spending money in my life. I invest on the mutual farm or also unit trust at the bank and doing saving plan recommended by bank.

Changing job

My current job provided me a quite low salary at this beginning. I hope that I able to find a job in Singapore in order to get higher salary to support all the expenses I had.

Hope everything can move smoothly.

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