Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Raining Day

The most scared things for a motor rider while go to work is RAINING. Today 13 March 2012 is a very meaningful day for me. The rain is heavily outside my house around 8.00am. As usual, this time I already start my motorbike go to work. Since it is raining, I wait another 10 minutes but it looked like the god want to test about me, the rain didn’t stop, I wear my raincoat and start my motorbike go to work.

Throughout the journey my shoe and sock will wet due to the cars passed to me and hit the water towards to me. No wonder how careful I am, I still will wet because this is the life of motor rider while rain. My face was hit by the rain and it was pain. I suddenly remembered this type of pain during my secondary school life. It was nice and memorable.

Throughout the journey, I was always thinking of my father. He is a good father and always riding motorbike fetching me during my secondary school life. Even he is old now but he is still driving motorbike, I really can experience his feeling while driving motorbike in raining. But he love to drive motorbike even my brother had bought a car for him but he still want to use his own motorbike. I slightly understand why he did so, this is because he want to keep remind himself he had pass through a hard life. When people live in better life, they will start to forget how the difficult life they had passed before.

After reaching ST, I saw a lot of people was riding motor just like me and getting wet but they never give up for themselves. The things pop up from my mind is that I really need to cherish every cents that I earn from ST and spend wisely. I PROMISE myself that times.

Sabahking, Jia YOU and work it up !!! You had grow up .....

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