Saturday, March 17, 2012

Movie Review - 3X trouble "行X踏錯"

In "3x Trouble" a night market is a place full of people, buying, selling and bustling around. Hai, Tian and San are good friends, where Hai sells pirated DVDs, Tian sells lingerie and San is a deliveryman for an electrical shop. One day, an announcement to demolish the night market to build a new mall threatens the income of the retailers, therefore Hai, Tian and San make a decision that will forever change their lives.

Basically, for the whole story of this movie, it don’t have any climaxes, the flow of the story is flat. In addition, the movie didn’t have any special action, love, sad, happy, funny or ….. !! In conclusion my opinion for this movie is that after I finished this movie the first thing I pop up in my mind is “Oh….. like that”, Really do not give me any surprise. I rated this movie not as a nice movie to watch in cinema.

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Anonymous said...

i agree with you! no climax and the film was so draggy. it actually lasted for almost 2h30min and when the movie finished u got the idea to be careful of making decision becuase it can have heavy consequences. WTH?!