Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 4th Putrajaya International hot air balloon

The Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is a home grown event that seems to have gained interest from the public and media.The uniqueness of the event draws everyone from all around Malaysia and neighboring countries. For the past 3 year, the organisation have exhibited hot air balloon shows and other aviation sports to the public.It encourages family togetherness by having fun with variety of activities for all ages. Held during school holidaysm it is the perfect time for a quick family getaways. Corporates has also taken opportunity to introduce new products, give out product samples, increase brand awareness and even increase sales for their product during the 4 days event from 15 to 18 March 2012.

I was happy because june june had dated me for this activity. It was my very first experience to see the hot balloon. When going this type of activity, the headache problem always is "parking problem" or "traffic problem" !! But dont know why this time, i was so lucky, I able to find the parking easily, thanks god. There are many activities in this event such as Tethered rides, Helicopter rides, Bicycle Fun Ride, KMX Kart, Zorbing, Wall Climbing, Racing Simulator and Archery. Unfortunately, this time we didn't play none of them due to time constraint.

Racing Simulator as above, there are many big big men also like to ride this type of small motorcycle.

KMX Kart. This is my first time see this type of bicycle. hee hee.
Small Rock climbing.
Zorbing but look like not nice. haha... cause not challenging.

Zorbing at the water. Next time i would like to challenge with this.

Thethered rides, we are not able to get the tickets due to selling fast. It is quite a good feeling by looking the hot balloon rise slowly to the sky. We hope that we are inisde the hot balloon.

Beside the hot balloon and activities, there are many food, drink, ice-cream, sourvenier or.... at here. We are having free drink from Indocoffee and free bone check. Thanks for the both company to provide this type of service to us.

The hot balloon I like the most the days.

One interesting that I meet is that these two children playing together although they are dont know and even one is India and one is chinese. They can play together. Suddenly I remember the slogan from Najib--"One Malaysia". I really hope that our country really can to be one Malaysia country.
We queueing for our dinner -- Ayam Mas. At this type of event, as usual I like to sit on the grass and graving the food. I feel that having the food like that is fun and nice but I know june june will never agree with that since she is...... !! At the end we having our by sharing the table with another malay couple. Thanks for them.

By the night, there are really a lot of people until you cannot walk. Really "orang bukit orang laut" !!!
The hot balloon at the night. The scenary is really nice but my camera is lousy. It is not able to capture the beauty of these.

Good bye for the 4th Putrajaya International hot air balloon. Next year we will come again. I love YOU.


Borneo Falcon said...

Hey, you were there too!

JuneJune said...

Wei wei~ I'm glad that we having a great day though we were exhausted.