Monday, March 19, 2012

Expedition at Broga Hills, Semenyih

Climbing the mountain is always my hobby. I was climbing quite number a small small mountain in Malaysia such as Bukit Padang, Gunung Ledang, Gunung Kinabalu ..... !! I like to climb the mountain just because I can chat along the road while climb the mountain since I am always a talkative boy.

This time, june june had suggested me to climb the Broga Hill, Semenyih. I get to know this mountain from the movie. In my mind, I expected this mountain should easy to climb but look like I was underestimated it.

On that day, we wake up around 4.15am and we hope that we able to see the sunrise. But I feel quite tired due to the whole days activity before the days. And I also "hao lian" do not want to bring the tourch light and just share the tourch light with june june. This really make me a regret.

After one hours driving from Rawang. Finally we reached Broga hill. The entrance of Broga Hill is quite obscure as there isn't any signboard but the rabbit farm can guide you to the entrance because it is just at opposite.

You can park your car her with entrance fee RM2.00. You can can park your car beside the road without paying.
The trek to the first summit took about 30 minutes. The first 5 minutes was an easy walk through the oil palm estate.The path eventually narrowed led us into the jungle and lalang (cogongrass). It took us about 25 minutes to hike up the gradual incline of the trail to reach the first peak which was covered with rhythmically swaying grasses (cogongrass). Since I don;t have the tourch light and the path was dark, it really make me need to be careful and also there is some dangerous place.

I was surprised that I able to meet my ST friends at here. So I decided to take a photo with them as a memory since the world is really small.

The beauty of the morning scenary with the light at the Semenyih City. However, I am not able to capture it with my 5Megapixel iphone. It is really nice if you are at the top and look down. The wind is blow, the air is fresh, with the some noise from the surrounding people. I like this type of feeling....really relax. I even see there is some people was camping at here.

Sweet couple was sitting together in this beautiful scenary.

The beautiful girl is under the sun with some cogonggrass.

The beautiful photo among the photos. 5 star 's skill of capturing the photo. I like it so much.

Ugly girl with a handsome boy.

After finish climbing the mountain, the roti, coffee and egg is always the best choice for you. The lesson i learn at Broga Hill is must bring the tourch light if you go to climb at the early morning. Goodbye, Broga Hill. I will back again.

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