Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My 25 years old's birthday

Yesterday was my 25 th years old's birthday. There is no any big celebration for myself. Anyhow I still buy myself a piece of secret recipe cake.

Facetime with june june. She sing a very very very warm birthday song for me. Feel happy with this.

A birthday card surprise from june june which she keep at my car few days ago. Feel happy and surprise with this simple and nice birthday card.

My 25th birthday gift from june june. I love this badminton shoe very well because it looked like Lee Chong Wei's shoe. Haha ... Hopefully with this shoe i can win more badminton games in future.

This year cant celebrate birthday with june june and hopefully next year I can celebrate together with her......

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Movie Review - Johnny English Reborn

Yesterday was a great day for me and june june. I had invited june june yo watch Johnny English Reborn together at the GSC cinema. Before that, I hear a lot of good comments from this movie. After I finished watch this movie, my thumb automatically up for this movie. It is a wonderful, nice and laughing movie for me.

The movie summary as below:

Rowan Atkinson returns to the role of the accidental secret agent who doesn't know fear or danger in the comedy spy-thriller Johnny English Reborn. In his latest adventure, the most unlikely intelligence officer in Her Majesty's Secret Service must stop a group of international assassins before they eliminate a world leader and cause global chaos. In the years since MI-7's top spy vanished off the grid, he has been honing his unique skills in a remote region of Asia. But when his agency superiors learn of an attempt against the Chinese premier's life, they must hunt down the highly unorthodox agent. Now that the world needs him once again, Johnny English is back in action. With one shot at redemption, he must employ the latest in hi-tech gadgets to unravel a web of conspiracy that runs throughout the KGB, CIA and even MI-7. With mere days until a heads of state conference...

Johnny was a monk inside the temple. There are many many funny things happened inside the temple.

Johnny 's special vehicle. What is special + funny with these strange vehicle ?

Johnny with lipstick. How this lipstick can transform to a gun ?

Faster go to watch in movie at cinema.

属于 - 梁静茹


属于 - 梁静茹

Shu Yu - Liang Jing Ru
Belong - Fish Leong

我坚持的 都值得坚持吗
Wo Jian Chi De Dou Zhi De Jian Chi Ma
What I've persisted, does it all worth persisting?

我所相信的 就是真的吗
Wo Suo Xiang Xin De Jiu Shi Zhen De Ma
What I believed in, is it really the truth?

如果我敢追求 我就敢拥有吗
Ru Guo Wo Gan Zhui Qiu Wo Jiu Gan Yong You Ma
If I dare to pursue, will I dare to keep it?

而如果都算了 不要呢
Er Ru Guo Dou Suan Le Bu Yao Ne
What if I give up and don't want it anymore?

或许吧 或许我永远都不会遇见他
Huo Xu Ba Huo Xu Wo Yong Yuan Dou Bu Hui Yu Jian Ta
Well, perhaps. Perhaps I will never meet him again

或许吧 或许我太天真了吧
Huo Xu Ba Huo Xu Wo Tai Tian Zhen Le Ba
Well, perhaps. Perhaps I'm just too naive


Shu Yu Wo De Zuo Tian Zhi Qian De Jie Ju
The ending before yesterday that belongs to me

Wo Jue Ding Wo De Jue Ding
I've made my decision

Shu Yu Wo De Ming Tian Zhi Hou De Chong Jing
The dream after tomorrow that belongs to me

Wo Mi Xin Wo De Mi Xin
I have faith in my belief

Shu Yu Wo Men Dian Dian Di Di De Shang Xin
The bits and pieces of sorrow that belong to us

Wo Men Yao Ge Zi Wang Ji
We each must forget

Shu Yu Wo Men Shan Shan Fa Liang De Ai Qing
The glistening love that belongs to us

Wo Men Zai Yi Qi Nu Li
We still have to work hard together

属于风的 那就去飞翔吧
Shu Yu Feng De Na Jiu Qu Fei Xiang Ba
Those belong to the wind, just soar through the sky

属于海洋的 那就汹涌吧
Shu Yu Hai Yang De Na Jiu Xiong Yong Ba
Those belong to the sea, just surge like the sea

属于我们的爱 该来的就来吧
Shu Yu Wo Men De Ai Gai Lai De Jiu Lai Ba
The love that belongs to us, just let the inevitable be

为什么不敢呢 不要呢?
Wei Shen Me Bu Gan Ne Bu Yao Ne
Why dare not, do not want?

是他吧 命中早就注定了的那个他
Shi Ta Ba Ming Zhong Zao Jiu Zhu Ding Le De Na Ge Ta
It's him right? The fated person that I'm meant to be with

是他吧 他原来就在这里啊
Shi Ta Ba Ta Yuan Lai Jiu Zai Zhe Li A
It's him right? So, he is actually here

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yonex Open Japan 2011

Since the Olympic 2012 is coming soon at the next year, therefore every badminton players are trying their best to collect more points from super series in order to get the good seeds in Olympic 2012. Yonex Open Japan 2011 is one of the super series which that a lot of top badminton players are participated.

As a Malaysian citizen what we focusing is how is the fighting between Lee Chong Wei and Lin dan this time .... since Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin dan in this World championship 2011. This is a pain for all out Malaysia citizen. So this time we really hope that he can win him.
The second team we worry about in this super series is our Malaysia Crystal Pair - Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong. He is not more under Rexy's training. How is the performance? Hopefully they can wake up this time especially Koo Kien Keat.

Let us see the performance of these 2 Malaysia pair at this Sunday. Hopefully we have the chance to watch their match at this Sunday.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Expedition at Gua Tempurung, Gopeng, Perak

16 September 2011 is a very meaningful day for Sabah, Sarawak and Malaysia. Now this date will also be a very unforgettable date for me because I have a chance to go for expedition at Gua Tempurung with my good friends at STMicroelectronic including my girlfriend, June june.

Gua Tempurung is a cave in Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia. It is popular among spelunkers, or caving enthusiasts. More than 3 km long, it is one of the longest caves in Peninsula Malaysia. Part of it has been developed as a show cave with electric lighting and walkways and there are a range of tours of different lengths and difficulty. A fine river cave, the river passage runs about 1.6 km through the hill. There are three very large chambers and some spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

We took the Wet Tour 3(Top Of The World and Short River Adventure) which will cover the Golden Flowstone and Top Of The World after which you will be guided back to the entrance using the underground river. Be prepared to get wet as you walk along the cold and crystal clear river. Total duration needed for the entire tour is 2 hours and30 minutes. This package costs us RM11 per person.

There are a lot of beautiful and natural creatures inside Gua Tempurung. However since my camera is only Sony but not DSLR, it is very hard for me to take nice photo inside there. Therefore I suggested if you go to Gua Tempurung, bring along your DSLR you will never regret for that. Use your imigination for the pictures below !!!!!

A very yummy yummy drumstick...

A very cute chicken...

A very cute cat...

Eating ice kacang just behind me...

You can see Osama, beautiful girl, buttock ......... inside Gua Temprung. Please go to see your own.

There is one special place inside Gua Tempurung, it is known as Air-cond room (picture above). Why it is known as air-cond room ? You can find this answer inside Gua Tempruung.

There is one location which we need to slide down from the top. The sliding angle is around eighty degree. Look like very scary but basically very fun..... I love this sliding place.

After passing through the sliding location, there is one small hole here and we need to go down by step on the tour guide's leg. How pity is the tour guide that everyday need to step by 100 persons from thin to fat people.

In Gua tempurung here, you have the chance to be soldier as well. Haha... Look picture above.

After 2 hour 30 minutes walking, climbing, sliding......., finally we reach the destinations. We are totally exhausted and tired but we were very happy with these all things.

Gua Tempurung we will come back to you again.

At the end, Good bye for my badminton shoe after Gua Tempurung Trip.

Saturday, September 10, 2011



你笑著說他是朋友 但你眼中太溫柔
我的不安那麼沉重 只有你不懂
是我想太多 你總這樣說 但你確沒有真的心疼我
是我想太多 我也這樣說 這是唯一能安慰我的理由
是我想太多 你總這樣說 但你確沒有真的心疼我
是我想太多 我也這樣說 這是唯一能安慰我的理由
我想我沒有錯怪了什麼 雖然你不說
都是錯在我 太晚我才懂爱了你太多
是我想太多 你總這樣說 但你確沒有真的心疼我
是我想太多 我也這樣說 這是唯一能安慰我的理由

Monday, September 5, 2011

Smurfs - Movie Review

From my previous post as I say that I am going to cut my hair. Below is my new hairstyle but I get a bit dissppointed because it looked not nice to me.

With my new hairstyle I am going to watch a movie with my friends that is "The Smurfs" at Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca.

The movie summary as below:

The festival of the Blue Moon is about to begin, and things are going smoothly for the smurfs, but Papa Smurf sees a vision of the future that is quite disturbing. The vision begins to play out in real life, as Clumsy Smurf inadvertently leads the evil wizard Gargamel to the smurfs' secret village. As they scramble to get away from the bumbling wizard, Clumsy goes the wrong way. Papa, Smurfette, Brainy, Gutsy, and Grouchy follow after him, and they all stumble upon a mysterious portal that sucks them away to a different realm -- Central Park, New York City.

In a strange new "village" with Gargamel and his menacing cat Azrael hot on their heels, the Smurfs struggle just to survive. That is, until they find themselves in the cozy apartment of young married couple Patrick and Grace Winslow. Patrick is a clean cut marketing executive for the New York City based cosmetics company Anjelou, and kind and optimistic Grace is pregnant with their first child.

When they find that they have some little blue visitors, Patrick and Grace, well more so Grace, accept the Smurfs and even befriend them. Despite the fact that Patrick's life is turned upside down and his big chance to succeed at work is put in grave jeopardy, he can't turn his back on his new, true blue friends. He does his best to help them escape Gargamel and get the tools and potions they need to open a portal back home, but in the end, it may be that the smurfs have helped him even more than he helped them.

For me, I think that this movie is quite nice overall and funny and bring a lot of lessons to me as well. There is one screen that all the smurfs come out together to help their PAPA, it almost make me want to cry. The eyes drop just inside my eyes.... Frankly say it is a good movie.

So what are you waiting for? Let paint yourself and go to watch Smurf at cinema.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sabahking's hairstyle

My hair is long already, he is no more handsome for me whatever how I set my hair, he will still looked ugly. I have decided to cut my hair tomorrow but I am wondering what type of hairstyle is more suit to me?

Is it I should change my old hairstyle by colour my hair like below?

I think that most of the guy/girls like david beckham once ago including myself. Maybe i should try to have a "karipop" 's hair?

May I to try out something special hairstyle? Maybe it is the time I need go to scare people with my new hairstyle!

I have one thinking to keep my hair long just like those KOREAN GUY, look fashion and nice.

My badminton idiot, Lee Chong Wei, should I follow his hairstyle-->guai guai hairstyle.

I am 25 years old and now already old. Maybe i should cut out the old hairstyle hair just like my snooker idol - Ronnie O Sulivan.

Or just don't think so much by following the Wayne Ronney hairstyle. I love this hairstyle. haha...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

BookFest @ Malaysia 2011

Merdeka, Merdeka and Merdeka. 31 August is a meaningful day for Malaysia. In this meaningful National day, June june and I went to BookFest@Malaysia 2011 which held in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.

We reached KLCC around 11am and we able to find the parking in a short time. This is my very first time come to KLCC. KLCC is so big and crowded with a lot of people.

There are a lot of people including senior citizen, men/women, kids crowded to buy the books, everybody is busy just like the pasar.

The slogan for this BookFest@Malaysia 2011 is "ONE BOOK ONE WORLD 一书一世界" that mean everybody must have one book in their hand no wonder they go anywhere !

Faster go to this BookFest to buy some books to fill in your book shelf. The books are really cheap and get a lot of discounts.

After I spend a lot of time inside the BookFest and study inside without buying a book, this is the punished for me. HIGH PARKING FEE. So don't study inside buy the books back and study at home.