Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My 25 years old's birthday

Yesterday was my 25 th years old's birthday. There is no any big celebration for myself. Anyhow I still buy myself a piece of secret recipe cake.

Facetime with june june. She sing a very very very warm birthday song for me. Feel happy with this.

A birthday card surprise from june june which she keep at my car few days ago. Feel happy and surprise with this simple and nice birthday card.

My 25th birthday gift from june june. I love this badminton shoe very well because it looked like Lee Chong Wei's shoe. Haha ... Hopefully with this shoe i can win more badminton games in future.

This year cant celebrate birthday with june june and hopefully next year I can celebrate together with her......

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gadisBunga said...

happy birthday to you. you and june june are such a sweet couple.


i dropped by to read your kundasang entry and was fascinated by you relaxed n spontaneous entry. great!