Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back to Year 2010

There are a lot of things happen throughout year 2010 include happy, sad, sweet and ..... !! This is called life.... !! I had a wonderful 2010 which I want to share it with all of YOU.

The sad thing ...
The sad thing I want to share, I have to leave my housemates + coursemates + Good friends in Sabah and back to my hometown to work. No more snooker, no more dota, no more quarrels no more ...... !! There will be very hard for us to meet together again since all of us came from different places and start to work liao..... Sometimes I do remember them ......

The wonderful things
The wonderful thing in 2010 was our robocon UMS team get the 2nd runner up in Malaysia. We were very satisfied throughout our performance. Although my contribution was not very big, but as long as UMS robocon team win then ok liao. UMS BOLEH ....

The happy thing
Finally we were graduated from UMS. Basically nothing to be happy because I have to walk into the new chapter in my life. However throughout 4 years life in university, it was really wonderful although sometimes I had complained so much but I won't forget the life at there for the rest of my life. Thank you so much to my all good friends in Sabah.

New chapter of life
This was the first activity I joined with the ST guys - Genting Trip. Since I joined ST, the old seniors were left one by one in order to get high salary and benefit in other companies. Although working life is very boring, but I will take it as challenge.

The sweet thing

I had a holiday with my sweetheart in Johor Bahru and Singapore recently. Singapore is a small and wonderful place. We had visited a lot of places such as Sentosa, Marina Bay, ........ ! The moment of this holiday was so wonderful because we only walk walk, see see, eat eat and play play. Although it is only 3 days 2 night trip but we did enjoy the moment very much.


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JuneJune said...

Wishing you have a good good year of 2011.