Sunday, March 27, 2011

Upgrading Myself

Although entering the working environment, the time for myself is getting less and less. For example, I need to spend more than 8 hours for my job, speed times with my family, friends and my sweetheart, june june. However, it is not the reason for me to stop to learn, to ugrade or to stop at the original position.

Time management is already very hard is our school life, it make double difficult when we entering the working environment. Hence, I have to learn how to gain more time for myself, girlfriends and family. Plus I need to work more efficient for my job so that I can always back on time.

In order to make correct failure analysis for my work, I need to more understand the layout and schematic for the chips. With these strong theory and knowledge, I only can find the real defect for the failure analysis. Therefore, I hope I have the time to upgrade myself with this type of knowledge.

In order to release the tension for my work, I always choose to listen the music. However with the poor sound from me, there is very hard for me go to sing K with my friends. Therefore, I hope I can improve my music skills in future.

After upgrading myself, I hope that I can to be a successfully and quality engineer.

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Chong said...

I'm sure you are trying your very best to upgrade yourself. You keep on learning new things or mistake from your works. I believe you can do it.

P/S: You can sing it to me. I like when you sing it to me. Haha...