Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sabah King is going to crazy

Currently I ignored my blog for so many days. Luckily everyday my visitors can still reach 20 people. Thanks for all of you ! I really very busy in last few weeks ago and will become more busy in next week. This is because I have a lot of unfinish assignment, unfinish report to write, unfinished exam and........

1) company for website
Iam doing a website for a company for my assignment. Please visit
Please give me some comments so that I can improve it.

2) Website for my project design
Currently, I am doing a project known as speed control for stepper motor and I need to do a website to tell everybody about my project design. This project design is a group project. Due to the lousy group mates in my team so I need to do everything until ..... very disappointed for my group
Please give me some comment about my website.

3) Examination
Later 10 am I am going to take test for my power system. Next week still get 2 midterm. What Iam going to do?

4) Report
For my project design, I need to write so many reports for it such as application notes, brochure, progress report, proposal, ........ !! Iam going to die with the project design.

5) Assignment
Because of the project design, I copy every assignmnet from my friends !! I dun know how to go to take my final exam soon.

Look at my photo above ! Iam so ugly now .... look ay my hair..... !! I look so........ !! I really going to crazy...........


Ahmike said...

bro, settle your stuff first k, that's more important, likewise, I also sacrificed it while taking major exam last year :D I can't log in the website, but blogspot can

Josephine said...

Don worry fren, what u need is just a new hair cut....

HuiHui said...

teck liang.

take care!
long long time dint blog ar u !~

ruby said...

i m lik tat too. final exam is coming soon. but i still have endless assignments, reports and presentation slides to do.

Anonymous said...

hey been busy?
all the best ya! =D