Sunday, March 8, 2009

My hero - Lee Chong Wei

I am ignored my blog for quite long of times !! This is because Iam really busy to do my project design. I am very stress about that. I need to learn C programming start from zero. I faced a lot of problem, nobody can help me ! I feel helpless plus I need to attend a lot of class. I start to "ponteng" for the classes. You might ask me why I am so hardworking to do the project (only 2 jam credit)? I have a dream I hope that I have a chance to participate in robocon competition in my university life. So I need to master the C programming very well. I MUST finish my project even though I get poor result for my other subject.

Although participate in robocon competition is not a easy task for me because inside the ums robocon many people are more clever than me, more powerful than me, have more idea than me. Although I am very stupid, slow learner, but I believe that I will gain something when I working hard.

Today will be final for the All England badminton championship 2009:

Lee Chong Wei (malaysia) VS Lin Dan (china) for men single

Lee Chong Wei is my hero since my secondary school. Everytime I will support him through the TV. Today I cant support him as well because busy for my project. I believe that he able to win Lin Dan through his fighting spirit. I must gain some fighting spirit from him so that my dream can be come out in future.


aLvin said...

yoyoyo!! ya... same too.
i am badminton fans too.
and i am going to watch it by internet LIVE. haha... so happy.
even though i am in labuan, but i can still watch this interesting match!!!

yvonne said...

lee chong wei lost AGAIN.

Borneo Falcon said...

I watched the final. I must said Lee Chong Wei played well (from the way he directed the shuttlecocks). It is just Lin Dan is a class above everyone. Lin Dan's speed is exceptional. From my observation, there is no much different in term of skill and etc between the 2 players. Lee Chong Wei just need to be super fast to match his nemesis.

Harogenki said...

He is the pride of all Chinese Malaysians :)

Group 3 said...

haha.. good luck lo. tell me the badminton result after tat haha i dun hav tv here.

TNH said...

You almost come to an end with your project..your are heavy arm now, so no problem at all..good luck

Chee Hung said...

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HuiHui said...


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

aiyo lost again.. sad sad..