Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nang or Dang

Innit nuffnang is a place that gives us to promote our blog and posts. It is also a place to give bloggers to know each other and chat with each other from different country such as Singapore, Malaysia and Philipina.

If we have a free times we can go to read the posts from bloggers in innit nuffnang. After that we can nang or dang the posts. Nang the post means that you feel the post is good and dang the post if you feel the post is lousy.

A big issue comes out with "nang or dang" the post in innit nuffnang. There are few types of people in innit nuffnang :

First type of people :
They will nang all the posts in innit nuffnang or they will nang their friends' posts without reading their posts. Why they do that? Obviously, they want to be famous and they hope that other bloggers will nang their post as well once they publish their posts. Most probably they always want to be the top post in innit nuffnang. "Nang or Dang" lost the meaning in innit nuffnang.

Second type of people:
They will dang the people who nang themselves. What is the wrong if you nang yourself? Nang mean you feel the post is good right? Now the people feel their posts are great so they nang themselves. I feel that they do not violate the rule "nang or dang" ! What about you?

Third type of people:
They really go to read blogger's posts and give their "nang or dang" in innit nuffnang. I think this type of people is only a small percentage in innit nuffnang.

I hope that one day the meaning of "nang or dang" will really exist in innit nuffnang. The "top posts" everyday in innit nuffnang is really the top posts among the posts. Please give me your idea about "nang or dang" !!


June June said...

I the first tand third type of people you mention. I do read other's post and feel interested with it. SOme I nang because I know that people.

Mackey~* said...

you'r a clever boy, haha!
Hmm, I dun really know how to nang and dang..hehehe..XD

maRCus said...

hi. i so agree with what you wrote. it irks me to see that most of the top posts on innit are by the same people, irregardless whether onot, their post is good.

i personally feel, those who are popular, and have the command of a large groups of friends (ie famous in innit or NN network) will have an added advantage in innit.

initially, it may b difficult to reach top posts, but once you're known, ppl will nang you because of who you are, and not necessarily abt what you posted.

This is but one of the shortcomings of innit, which i think limits the chances for other up and coming bloggers who actually do write some good stuff which are worthy of reading.

ONe more thing that irritates me is that innit has become very sex driven. 0.o

TNH said...

I have been a long time didn't visit Innit..the nang and dang got no meaning for me at all...i never read the top post because they never caught my interest...and i do agree that nothing wrong to nang ourselves..

alien said...

i read about the post if the title attract me to read it..
if not i will ignore..
that mean, it could be anyone..
not specific one..or a friends or else..

why people post their entry there care about dang or nang?
since the top blogger i found not post their entry there..still got a lot reader also follower..

then, if the top of the list based on popularity.. that mean the post do not deserve that place.. I`m interested in the quality one not popular one..

Ahmike said...

Agree with you bro :) I personally is 50-50 .Sometimes I nang and view the blog sometimes not. Ahha. My recent post just got up to top 10. unbelievable. May people thought I really show them the photos which I was just stated my thought about the beloved YB.

Mr Awesome said...

Danged for self nang. Thats smart huh? I dont get it either. Lol.
But nvm.

And what Marcus said was true.
Other post by other bloggers dont get much nangs even their post is good because the aint popular. Thats not really nice tho.

Fav topics. SEX. Obvious.

Clarisse Teagen said...

I guess that's pretty much what you get when you don't have people who read. .

But there are really good nangs sometimes too. .
So it's hard to say, this is very subjective.
I prefer to have a system like blogcatalog's

greatbloggingtips said...

I totally agree with you. There's nothing wrong with nanging your own post. I mean, what's wrong with supporting yourself? It's just one nang. Not that I can nang myself 10 times right?

The reason some ppl get more nangs is cos they know a lot of nuffnangers and then ask them to nang their post in MSN. These ppl have no difference with ppl who post their link in their chatbox. Unfortunately you will get danged if you post your link in the chatbox but not if you asked ppl to nang in MSN. Unfair isn't it?

Group 3 said...

when i m still learning how to view my profile nanged. then i accidentally nang myself twice for two posts haha.. mayb those ppl are thinking tat i m such a vain pox. haha.. but anyway. i think tat most of the top post are from same famous bloggers eventhough it has not been interesting.

Atika said...

I'm really loving ur posts. really thought provoking,and provoke some of the others too..

Chee Hung said...

Quality writing with interesting and thought provoking contents which is written with sincerity and passion is what attracts me. It's not important if the reader doesn't nang me but i was once pretty irritated and frustrated with a character who habitually dangs everyone's post ( i am sure you know whom am i referring to, right?).....Queen of dang?.....
But after giving a long thought about this issue, it doesn't bother me anymore since she doesn't read my blog and being a pathological danger, let her dang, if it makes her day. As long as i write the post with the idea in mind that this is my blog, and i am writing my thoughts down, who are you to judge that my ideas or opinion are lousy?
Chee Hung

Josephine said...

I nang them when i feel that is a good post.
For post that I am not interested in, i wont dang...
If i dang, it leaves bad impression...

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

in system like innit that involve youngsters, its very obvious who puts the effort who gets to the top post. Not in terms of quality post but in actual fact relationship.

its psychology. when you know the person. you have the interest in reading their blog regardless of how bad the post is. So people always says, i blog for my friends to read?

I believe ppl that blog good will end up popular too. like kennysia. although he is one lucky dude but at least he blog fantastic post too. honestly, u wont get recognize in innit for just good post.

actor/actress cant get famous without a good director that creates a wanted profile for them.

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