Friday, January 2, 2009

Yonex Korea Super Series 2009 (My analysis for Men Singles)

Yonex Korea Super Series 2009 will start from 13th January until 18th January after the Proton Malaysia Open super series 2009(6 Jan -11 Jan). After they finish to play in Malaysia, they need to take a flight to go to korea on the same day or the next day. Maybe some of players will feel tired and influence their performances. Please click HERE to view more about Proton Malaysia Open Super Series 2009.

Below are the draw (men single) and what I am predicted for this tournament :

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From my analysis and performances by the badminton players currently, I think that Lee Chong Wei (mas), Park Sung Hwan (korea), Taufik Hidayat (Ind), Chetan (Ind), Persson (Den), Peter Gade (Den), Kurniawan (Ind), Sony (Ind) will have 80% to enter to quarter-final. At here, a lot of players will fight with the players from the same country to get the ticket to enter the semi-final.

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In quarter-final, Lee Chong Wei will be defeated by Park Sung Hwan because from the past record the korea players always played well in their own country. Second, Lee Chong Wei will not have enough rest and less confidences because he goes to korea without the coach (Misbun Sidek).

I think there is no problem for Taufik Hidayat to enter the semi-final. I would like to say that Persson have a big chance to take over Peter Gade in quater-final. This is because they both come from same country, they know each other well. Persson is young than Peter Gade. He can make Peter Gade more tired by running here and there to beat the shuttle. Secondly, Persson improved a lot in his badminton skills currently but Peter Gade is just maintained in the same level.

Another quarter-final game is for Santoso VS Sony, I think Santoso will win about it. Currently Sony is playing very poor in tournment. My suggestion for him is stay at Indonesia and do more trainings.

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In semi-final I think that Park Sung Hwan will take over Taufik Hidayat. This is because Taufik is already enough old and reached the time for retired.

In other semi-final games, Santoso will take over Persson. This is just my opinion only.

At the final, Park Sung Hwan will win be the champion of this tournament because Korea is the host and he has a good coach (Li Mao). He played well in Korea from the past record.

Do you all agree with my analysis and prediction for this tournament? What is your opinion? Please leave comment to me.....


a@ron said...

Wow, quite a comprehensive analysis.

But in the world of badminton, everything is possible.

and many factors do influence a player. Luck, form, pressure...etc

Harmony said...

Hmm, in depth analysis sia.
But i guess LCW will perform to his best again.

sabahking said...

To : a@ron
I love to watch badminton match. As u say many factors will influence their performance. But if is a good players, they will maintain their performance as well. That I do this analysis just what i guess about them.

To: Harmony
I also lee chong wei will win in this match.

이 Yo Seph Setiawan 용대 said...

I'm Love badminton too... what TV station that Broadcast Korea Super Series :-) Exchange Link Jiayou... Kamsahamnida