Friday, December 26, 2008

Proton Malaysia Badminton Open super series 2009 (My analysis)

Proton Malaysia Open super series will be held in Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur from 6th January until 11th January. I would like to do some analysis for the matches of men single in this tournament. First of all, let us come out with the past 5 years winners of this tournament. For last 5 years, Lee Chong Wei (MAS) took over 4 years 's champion while Peter Gade took the champion title from Lee Chong Wei at the year 2007.

Below are the draw and what I am predicted for this tournament :

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From my opinion, Top seed in this tournament, Lee Chong Wei (MAS) will not have any problem until he fights with Simon Santoso (Ind) in quarter final. Due to Chong Wei's stability and enough of trainings, he manage to win the title "Champion of the Champion" in Likas, Kota Kinabalu. I think there will be no chance for Simon to take over Chong Wei. So Chong Wei will wait for his real opponent in the semi final.

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Well, let us come to third seed, Peter Gade, who is the former champion of this tournament in year 2007. Peter Gade has revenge toward Chong Wei at semi final due to lost to Chong Wei two times in the super series masters final 2008 at Likas, Kota Kinabalu. Peter Gade needs to fight with Kendrick Lee (Singapore) or Boonsak (Thailand). I think there is no problem for Peter Gade to win toward them. As Peter Gade always say that " He loves to play in Malaysia because Malaysia is a lucky place for him".

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There will be a great match for the quarter final between Park Sung Hwan (Korea) and Taufik Hidayat (Ind) at the below part of this tournament. Due to the Taufik's poor perfomance and injured, I do not think that Park Sung Hwan will lose to Taufik. For the semi final, the chance for Sony (Ind) Vs Park Sung Hwan (Korea) are very high. From my opinion again, I strongly say that Park Sung Hwan will take over Sony because his coach is Li Mao and enough proper trainings compare to Sony.

As the conclusion, my analysis for this coming tournament are Lee Chong Wei will be the champion because no one can fight him in Malaysia + China players are absent for this tournament. Park Sung Hwan will be runner up because his coach is Li Mao (a lot of new strategies and know how to train a good badminton player).

Do you all agree with my analysis and prediction for this tournament? What is your opinion? Please leave comment to me.....


AtelierGal said...

I saw both Peter Gade & Lee Chong Wei battle in the finals recently.

Both were great!

Billy said...

Good analysis.
ChongWei has been doing quite well recently. I hope he can keep the consistency.
Go ChongWei!! =)

June June said...

Well done!!!tak sangka u can do such analysis. u can be badminton analyser d.wakaka

sabahking said...

TO: Atelier girl
Lee chong wei is really doing well in the master final super series currently.

To: Billy
I also hope that he can keep the consistency and beat Len dan the most important things he must do in next year.

To : June june
I still not qualify as badminton analyser, just my opinion in the coming malaysia badminton open 2009.