Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who want to be my first follower in 2009 ?

I started to blog since 6 month ago and i had 8 cute cute followers include me in my blog. Today is the first day of 2009, i wished to introduce them to all of you :
June june

Her nickname is june june but not jun jun riko. She is totally different with jun jun riko. She is a fresh and new blogger. Her blog is mainly about her life and her personal diary. A lot of her interesting photos can be seen in her blog. Please click here to visit her blog.


He has two blogs. The first blog is mainly about the funny video at you tube. If you are interested about funny things then you must go to visit his blog. The second blog is mainly about online business idea. Iam not interested with this blog so i seldom go to visit it. Please click here to visit his blogs.


She is a student just like me. She is one of the people who like to read the blogs because she follows many blogs. She has 3 blogs and all of them are quite interesting. Please click here to visit her blogs.

Konea Kamin

She is only 15 years old and a coffee lover. I like to read her blog because she always tell us about her story in her life. Maybe what she wants and what she plans to do ! The most important thing is she is a sabahan , I like to get to know with sabah people because Iam study at sabah now. She is one of my online good friend. Please click here to visit her blog.


His blog gets a lot of things to read. He mixed everything together in his blog just like me. For example, if you like to read movie review, youth 's future, and.... you can come to his blog too. Please click here to visit his blog.


He just follows my blog last few days ago. I started to read his posts in his blog in past few days. I found that his blog is mainly about games and movies review. For people who like the games and movies I think you should read though his posts as well. I strongly like his title "One place, One person, One story" !! Do you like it ? Please click here to visit his blog .

Hopefully I will get my very first follower in 2009 soon.


Jason Law said...

I am the first follow for you in year 2009!


mYsTyLe said...

omg... u put my pic like that so big!?

Anyway, it's koRnea, got R at there.

yeah, Happy New Year to u too! :)

#_m@ckie..//'' said...

I thought I'll be the 1st one..
Anw, I got ur blog from Jason, haha!! I like ur blog! especially that strogest women!! haha~ >////<

#_m@ckie..//'' said...


#_m@ckie..//'' said...


Konea Kamin said...

:D HEY! happpyyy newww yeaaar jacky! omg why everyone like to use that pic??? =.="
and don't listen to KENNY!
my name no 'R' ok. haiiih.

June June said...

wah!!u put im ur first follower happy leh...happy new year!!

alien said...

i`ve been on yr entry.. hahaha

HuiHui said...

i should follow ur blog earlier..

so my pic can be up ther.

i m late`lol

ahmike said...

Can I follow if I don't have blogger account?

sabahking said...

To : Jason
Thanks for the first to be my cute cute followers at 2009.

To : mystyle
Because that photo is look nice + cool and i purposely put as big as possible.

To : M@ckey
Thanks for supporting my blog. Hopefully iam able to write more funny and interesting posts in future.

To: June june
i put u as the first follower because ur the one always support my blog since the first day my blog start.

To: hui hui
Dun worry i will put ur photos in the first day in 2010 !!

HuiHui said...

waloo eh..

still long larrr..

ok,i wait u