Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mt Kinabalu Climbing Expedition

Before start to write my bad dream about climbing the Mt Kinabalu. Enjoy seeing these beautiful view at Mt Kinabalu first. You must read my post and see the photos because I used my life to take the photos and experience by myself.

The day before I went to Mt Kinabalu, I cannot sleep well at friday because I was so excited and felt want to challege with the highest mountain in Malaysia. Just a funny thing, before I went to climb the mountain I still worrying my blog's traffic so i still went to visit some blogger's blog. Iam not worrying to climb the mountain as well.

At saturday morning around 4am, I brought this two "big big" bags and waiting the van just near my sabah house with my "cute cute' short pant. I was wondering why i got so many things to bring along with me !

I took this photo because I wanted to advise to all of you- did not sit the seat behind the van. The reason was the roads went to Mesilau were kinda bad and bent left and right. So I felt very uncomfortable and wanted to vomit at that times.

We reached Mesilau around 7am and waiting for the registration. It is so cold due to the raining. But Iam wondering everybody was wearing the jackets but my friend who was the "superman" and wore a orange singlet. Can u notice in the photo?

If you feel hungry you can eat at the restaurant before ascend the mountain. Iam acting cool as "Jay Chou" ?

June june always say me that I always closed my eyes when taking the photos. So now i opened my "big big" eyes to take the photo.

The cup noodles that I brought to Mt Kinabalu. May you find any differences?

Please click the photo to enlarge it

After registering ourselves, we set out to Mesilau Gate at 9am to begin our ascend. Most people take two days to ascend and descend the mountain, staying overnight at Laban Rata resthouse before the final attack of the summit. Our first target was reaching the Labaan rata resthouse. If you feel your bags are heavy, dun worry you can ask the porters to carry it for you. The price for that is Rm9 per kg. So do not bring many things like me to climb the mountain.

The most unwanted thing was happening - raining. So the toughess and hardness to ascend the mountain was increasing. We didnt say "bye bye" to Mt Kinabalu but we wore our raincoat to continue our journey.

Playing with june june. We were enjoying the trip.

Izzit I looked handsome with this beautiful view behind me?

The water of the waterfall was so cold , I felt that i wanted to have a swimming at here. hehe....

June june started to feel the punishment on her body. Her legs were sore and every step just seems to get harder and harder.
I was very tired but I still can climb it. This is my slogan to push me to ascend to Labaan Rata.

I was damn miserable at that times, suddenly i saw a building there. I was wondering that building was Labaan Rata or not? I was sad that the porter told me that it is not Labaan Rata.

After climbed around 8 km, We reached Labaan Rata. But I didnt take the my photos at there because I felt I wanted to die at that times. It was so miselable until i did not know how to explain to all of you. You only can know that when you climb the Mt Kinabalu.

Another bad new from me at that times, I was not staying at Labaan Rata resthouse but stayed at Gunting Lagadan Hut. It needed another 10 minutes to go there. I felt that I wanted to cry and shout "mum mum" at that times. So I decided to have my buffet dinner at Labaan Rata (provided by the trip) before go to Gunting Lagadan Hut. Although I was so dirty at that times but I dun care about it and just filled my stomach until full.

I even cant press the button of the camera well. My hands are so freeze and cold.

The night at Gunting Lagadan Hut
My shoes, socks, shirt were wet. The weather was almost wanted to take my life. No heater at there. I just simply took a bath ( the hot water was cold also) without soap and even shampoo. For a tourist accomodation that has been established for such a long time, it is disappointing that resthouse at Mt Kinabalu doesn't even have basic drying facilities for our wet clothes and shoes. I used the stove to dry my shoes and socks. There are no other ways for that unless I want to wear wet socks and shoes. Sorry for that I do not take any photos at there because my hands did not have any energy for that. At that night i cant sleep well because the weather is so so so so cold.

Final attack of the summit
No even single photo is taken at here. After barely 4 hours of sleep, we woke up around 1am and got suited up for the second part of our climb. At first I feel that the weather should be very cold so I decided to wear two underwears, two shirts, two long pants, two jackets and one cap. Surprisingly, the first 600m was so hot for me. I started to sweat, so i took off my jacket.

After the 650m, The rocky path up to the summit is unforgivingly steep. At some point, the level of inclination was almost 70 degrees, with only a rope separating us between life and certain death. The weather up here is icy cold and although I was wearing 2 jackets + 2 long pants + 2 shirts+ 2 underwear), it was almost impossible to stay warm and focused.

At one point june june and I were practically walking every ten steps and collapsing, walking every ten steps and collapsing... until we almost felt like giving up. Suddenly she told me that her head was pain and giddy, her stomach was empty. She could not stand well and walk already. So we planned to sit at some place but we could not find any place for us to rest. The temperature at there most probably was around 0-5 degree, the wind was unforgivingly blown. Our face almost freeze and hands were so cold. We felt that we will die in Mt Kinabalu.
Just only 300 meter we reached the peak of Mt Kinabalu and we have a chance to see the sunrise at the peak. The god is so cruel, it rained. Many people turned back even when they were so close to reach the summit. We do not have any choice since it is so dangerous for us if we continue to ascend the mountain. We decided to turn back to Labaan Rata.

Descend the mountain to Timpohan gate
After we descend the mountain just before 300 m from summit, we take a rest at Labaan Rata and having our breakfast.
Photo i took at Labaan Rata.

I really "touch the sky" now.

No much photos were taken when descend the mountain. This is because after 4 pm we will not have the chance to eat the buffet at Timpohan Gate. So June june and I rushed to there without any long rest.

June june and me 's walking sticks. The walking sticks are really helped us at the whole journey. It only costed us RM5 per stick.

I successfully finished the whole journey. I have the feeling that Iam really the "sabah king" now.

My shoes now. Please compare it with the photo before going the Mt Kinabalu. Click HERE.

I was having my buffet with the "cute cute" june june. I was so happy with my whole journey because I have the sweet times with june june.

Please click the photo to enlarge it

My misai was so long now after two days. My miselable and bad dream are finally over. I planned to go to climb the mountain again because I want to reach the peak of Mt Kinabalu. Who want to follow me?


Mackey~* said...

I am the 1st? haha!!
it's cool!!!
I wanna go leh!!!
nver been so near the sky before..>.<
can you tell me the details? like the price of wht..aand did you hv a tour-guide onot?
so dat I can plan it, hahaha!! thx ya!!^^

June June said...

aiyo!!so fast whole body still very plan to post later on.

sabahking said...

To: mackey
Fees(two days one night) : RM 290 include the porter(tour-guide), a package food for u to climb (first day), buffet at night (first day), stay one night at Labaan Rata resthouse, breakfast(second day), buffet at afternoon(second day).
Rm 59 for insurans.
RM 50 for my transport fees.
Rm 5 for walking stick (shown in photo).
RM 9 per kg if u want the porter carry the bad for u.

To: June june
hopefully can see ur post soon.

ahmike said...

lol you guys really have fun time together. How i wish I am on the top now. I like adventure a lot leh

kennhyn said...

totally understand what u feel up there... too bad is raining, the sun rise will be a glorious memory...

Anonymous said...

haha bet its a great experience. my friend went there before, he said when coming down, they saw "figures" around them LOL scary wei.. but they just ignored them la..

Ai-Ling said...

i've never been up there, but my friend (a 40 year old mother) has climbed right till the top twice :D

Calista Chan said...

wow.... tat is so cool... I can never imagine i can do that...

a@ron said...

Phew...I never thought that climbing up to Mount KK will be that tough!

Such a waste la, barely 300m to the low's peak

LOL. SO near yet so far.

TNH said...

If go again..i would like to challenge the trail from Timpohon Gate to Low's Peak

Marcus said...

Dropping by to say Yo and thx for the nang.
Woah dude,what a climbing experience. I was thinking to climb em somewhere end of this year too.

sabahking said...

To : ahmike
ya we really have a nice time together with our friends. Hopefully u can climb the mountain soon.

To : kennyhn
ya it is so cruel !! just only 300 m it rained !! but i think i will go to climb again.

To : kenwooi
What is that "figures" ? so scareful leh !! luckily i didnt meet them!!

To : Ai Ling
I think u shuold go there have a try because it is really a good experience!!

To : Calista Chan
I think u will able to do that!! u must have the confidence about that.

To: a@ron
i think u ablt to do that !! really waste... 300 m only !!

I also wish to challege Timpohan gate since it is more difficult to climb.

To : marcus
hopefully u can go to climb soon !!

al-hussaini said...

great experience

cRaNkY LeEsH said...

Wow! u went wif June June? u 2 must've had a great time together.

Autumn Babe said...

thanks for dropping by. well, we were having fun there! it helped to relieve stress when we faced rejections from people who refused the flyers :P enjoy life mahhh~

Mackey~* said...'s quite cheap leh, I thought is expensive, coz is the highest mountain in M'sia, haha!!
anw, thx!!^^ mayb I can plan to go this or nxt year, he~

btw, my net is slow now, I changed the setting for 5 posts per page d..=P
and sry ya, Jason is the 1st, haha!
>.<'' so mayb u can be the second, or wait until ur lucky number, haha(juz kidding~)>/////<

Anthea said...

seem like u also have fun at mt kk? haha.. i wanted to go to the top too but tat time taufan haiz sad.wanna climb again. when wil u go?

sabahking said...

To: al-hussaini
it is really a great experience ! I think I will not forget it forever.

To: cRaNkY LeEsH
yaya, i have a very sweet time with her!! we encourage each other when we climb the mountain when we r tired.

To: Mackey~*
I hope u can go to climb soon !! cause it will be a unfogettable experience to u !!

To: Anthea
Both of us are so unlucky !! If u have any lobang of climb the mountain must tell me !! hehe..

HuiHui said...

it look so tough!

congratulation tat u had done it!


if 1 day i go sabah.
plz don'tbring me ther~

Anonymous said...

climbing or hiking?? this time really tiu lo..

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

wow sweet wor. enlarge? no thx, leave it to june june -P

Chyn Chiek said...

Hi, sabahking. Do you mind to let me know the operator that get you the trip? I would like to go there this coming May 09.
I can be contacted at 012-2077989