Thursday, October 9, 2008

PC Fair GIRLS. Wah .. so pretty !!

As usual girls is very powerful to attract the guys to buy somethings. At PC fair, this technique is also quite often to use. And this is some photo i search in which i feel that the PC girls is really pretty in my view.

I didnt know this pc fair 's name but i extremely like with her smile and she is look friendly with her powerful smiling. And she is extremely pretty. If 100 mark , i will give her about 90 mark. What about you?
The left girl of the photo i quite admire about her with her long straight hair and powerful smiling. Her mouth is quite sexy for me and with her small eyes. If 100 mark i will give her 86 mark. What about you?
The right hand girl which is looked more pretty than the left one. She is wearing quite sexy and cute maybe. She looks beautiful and ....... ! If 100 mark i will give her 80 marks.What about you?

The right hand side girl which is look very gentle when i see this photo. She is maybe a girl can to be a good housewife and good cooking. She looks that she able to take care the children very well. Maybe next time she will to be pretty housewife but no more pretty PC fair girl. IF 100 marks i will give her around 79 marks. What about you?


Kyle said...

For your information this might be the PIKOM Pc Fair held in KLCC Convention Centre... So now you are using this to attract ppl? hahaha Other then that no comment

TNH said...

As long as there are traffic coming..what technique being use is not important..same picture can come out in different blog but the way of express will not be the same..

Kyle right..this Pikom is in KLCC, i had seen it in other ppl blog..

blurgal said...

pretty gals!!!!!!!!