Saturday, October 11, 2008

Calista Chan , a pretty blogger !!

Calista chan , she is sound like a pretty girl's name but what i want to say that she is really a pretty girl. I need to say that because she is my god-sister !! She is starting to writethe blog to tell us about her life and introduce interesting things to us and even teach us how to make up. haha.... !!

She is wearing bikini under the sunshine.

For the guys we should always visit her blogs , maybe she is like to wear bikini so many bikini photo that i can find in her friendster ! haha....just joking.

She is looked so cute with her big bag. Izzit the sun is really hot for her or she is acting cute ?
She is also looked mature with her powerful smiling !

This is the photo when she is starting learn how to make up, i also surprise about that when the first time i see the photos.

She is also looked sexy. I also surprise with these photos, unbelieveable last time when i see the photos.

Wahseh, she is learning cat walk in the beach . haha.........
If you are interested about her or you want to know more information about her, you may visit her blog, please click here.

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TNH said...

see no comment come to drop you one..haha...nice post,keep it up..i want to see more pretty girl