Sunday, October 5, 2008

The most famous porridge at kota kinabalu !!

When you sick , what you like to eat? Of course your mother will ask you to eat porridge ! Izzit you will choose the porridge at Mcdonald which is very expensive and without any taste ? If you want to eat porridge at kota kinabalu, you should choose the porridge at HOW LEE COFFEE SHOP which is at Foshan ( near damai).

HOW LEE COFFEE SHOP !! The most famous porridge at kota kinabalu sells at here.

The How Lee Coffee shop is just beside the radiant Asia dessert shop. After you finish to eat porridge you also can try to eat dessert at here.

This is the price of the porridge and some of the dishes. There are many type of favours of porridge so you can choose whatever you want !!

This is also some famous dishes of this shop which you cant miss too.

The photo shows surrounding of the shop. I feel not comfortable to the shop because the table is put very close with each other so feel uncomfortable to eat sometimes.

If you come this shop, i suggest you that you should order the barley drink which is shown at photo. The barley is very special and sweet compare to other place. Each cup costs me RM 1.80.

yummy yummy.......Finally this is the most famous seafood porridge at that shop. This is for 2 people to eat and costs us about RM 17.50 which is quite expensive. If you choose the pork or chicken porridge it is just around RM 10 for 2 people which is quite acceptable.

At the end, i wish to say that if you live at kota kinabalu you must come to here have a try to the porridge that you will remember the taste forever.


TNH said...

I try it really tasty..

BLue said...

Wrong shop, wrong shop. This is the newer shop. The older one in the middle is better but the sifu seldom cook liao. The mazai (female) cook better than most other places :)

How I know? Coz I tried all the porridge shops in that area XD

I wanna go back makan bubur when I return to KK...