Saturday, October 4, 2008

How you can up level faster than your opponent at the beginning of the game in dota?

There are some tips for you that you can up level in the beginning of the games fast than your opponent in dota.

1. block the creeps , the creeps is walking slower so that the opponent's creeps will reach your tower and you can gain experience faster because the tower is hitting the creeps also.

2. pull the creeps into forest to hit the nuetral. For sentinel, this technique only can use in bottom line. For scourge, this technique only can use in top line.

3. buy a bottle and sentry at the beginning of the games. Put the sentry at the river and use ur skill of hero to earn money or push the hero back. Refill your bottle at river by store the rune in the bottle.

4. First blood the opponent at the beginning of the games by 3 stunner or other heros hiding at the forest. After first blood go back to their own line. This technique also can be used by pudge and juggernaut but juggernout need to buy a shoe at the beginning of the games.

5. Buy a chicken and bottle. Use the skill to earn money. Ask the chicken to take your bottle back to base and refill the the bottle. This technique is very suitable for nevermore. You can earn money double fast than your opponent but be careful.


TNH said...

Wow..that's really a new some more? any tips that can help to earn fast money?

Anonymous said...

how do you pull creeps into the forest?

kevin said...

if can afford, buy Hand of Midas.XD