Friday, October 3, 2008

Bah Kut Teh

Yesterday was a rainny day. What suitable food for us to eat in the rainny day? I think we should go and eat a pot of hot bak kut teh. At sabah the most famous bah kut teh is sin kee bah kut teh. The shop is just opposite the Wisma Merdeka. If you are a tourist you should come to have a try. If you are ums student or sabah citizien, of course you must come to eat.

A lot of people is waiting for the place to eat the bah kut Teh.

The shop is non-air con place so you should prepare for that. For unlucky people, you might meet the people who smoke near around you that will affect your mood to eat. This is sometimes i hate eat at there.

Finally the family gets the place to sit.

The chef is a bumiputra and is busy for doing bah kut teh. Can you see that?

This is the photo of sin kee bah kut teh with a lot of bubble inside the pot.

This is also one of the famous dish at there also is know as "pork leg" !

This is one dish that you cant miss when you eat bah kut teh and is know as "you diao"!

This table of of dishes cost me about RM 29 is quite expensive i think.

This is the photo i take before i leave. Wah so many people at sabah like to eat bah kut teh. If you kow how to cook bah kut teh. I think you cant open a shop near to sin kee bah kut teh.hehe.


TNH said...

That is one of my favorite place when 1st year in UMS..WHy? because inside hostel no pork is whenever i go to KK, i will go to Sin Kee and have my Pork Meal..Yummy

Anonymous said...

The restaurant you mentioned is Sin Kee (Gaya Street), but the signboard in the picture said Kwong Tung Chai, Kolombong. Funny