Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hari Raya, Where You should go ?

Hari Raya is a traditional day for our muslim friends. For non-muslim , what you will do at hari raya? You will sit at house watch television? or just sleep at house ? There is a interesting place you should go at hari raya if you stay at sabah ---> Sukan complex at Likas !! There are a lot of free food prepared by most of the hotels/restaurant at sabah that celebrate hari raya. In this post, i will introduce Lembah Impian, Le Meridian, Veda Blu and Hyatt. Other restaurant and hotels i will not able to introduce to you all because busy eating at that times.

Why so many cars at here? Everybody is coming to sukan complex Likas to eat and celebrate Hari Raya!

Wah so beautiful view. Go to sukan complex at Likas and celebrate Hari Raya is a traditional for our sabah citizen.

This is counter for Hyatt Hotel. They are ready to serve for people although the food is free for charge.

Some performance is doing by artists to entertain us beside we eat.

For the girls who are in diet , do not worry , there are a lot of fruits prepare for you too.
This is the place prepare for the VIP at sabah but not for us. So sad we cannot sit at there and eat. Hopefully one day i also a VIP at sabah so i can sit at there and having my meal.

Do you worry that there are not enough foods for sabah citizen? See the photo there are a lot of foods at there.

What is this? This is malay traditional food and known as soto ayam prepared by Hyatt Hotel.

Why so many kids at here ? There are free ice-cream for small kids. From the photo we can see that there are a lot of man and women also like to eat ice-cream just like small kids.

The workers is busy to give ice-cream and they are friendly too. We should thank for VEDA BLU. If next time you want to eat ice-cream, please choose VEDA BLU.

My girlfriend also like to eat ice cream.

So big 's sign board and written as Lembah Impian.

A lot of preraption doing by the workers of Lembah Impian.

This is the photo taken from the side view of the counter of Lembah Impian.

Wah they are so free and can chat with each other. Later ceremony starts they will very busy until do not have times go to toilet. haha.

This is counter for Le Meridian Hotel.

Everybody is queue up at counter Le Meridian Hotel because it is a high class hotel, of course the food is better than other.

Wah so the food is looked so nice.
Wah, what is this ? Sure very spicy. Our muslim friends like to eat spicy foods.

There are also non-spicy food for our non-muslim friends.

They are searching for food. So many food at here ! Where should i go ?

Every sabah citizen should for him, Datuk Seri Penglima Musa Haji Aman because he is the one doing this open house for us year by year. Only at Hari raya we have the chance to eat different food at different hotel / restaurant.


blurgal said...

wah!!sabah got such a nice place to visit during is good to go for rumah terbuka of any races in malaysia.this can help us strenghten among differences races relationship.peace for malaysia

TNH said...

i went there too.. i like the satay there