Monday, September 29, 2008

Kampung nelayan BBQ at 1 borneo, Sabah

There is one steambot buffet restaurant in 1 borneo know as Kampung Nelayan BBQ Hotpot. At 28 September 2008 , my friends and I have the chance to do the steambot at there.

This is the photo i take before i enter the restaurant. The shop looks like very high standard.

My girlfriend which is stand at most right hand side is taking photo with her friends in that restaurant.

This is the food that we can take at restaurant. The food is including beef, crab, sotong, vegetable,...... !!

The photo showing the drink and eating equipment which we need to take by our own.

There are also the food which already beed cooked and prepared at there. The food include nasi lemak, mee, mee sian, and some simple food.

All of us are looking and asking what is this (the things that is rectangular by the red lines) ? izzit this is the lamp to let us eat at the bright surrounding?

The photo shows the fishball that we take at the first round. There are two types of soup that we can choose ( tom yam and chicken soup).

The fresh crabs, prawn and sotong !!

A lot of vegetables which we can choose at the counter.

Other food that we take.
My friends is "paiseh" to take photo with each other but they looked so happy.

The photo shows the important signboard which everybody must know about it. Eat as much as possible but leave nothing.


TNH said...

seem like so nice oh..will go and have a try...

Kyle said...

looks like your gf friends is a friend of mine from the same hometown lolx.. dont say i never visit your blog hehehe..

ns5095 said...

No many type of food to choose from...

Zues said...

I am hungry... Haha..

k e N t z a i .. said...

wah...i wanna eat..btw..wee tooo ar?=P