Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My coursemates , part 1

We just finish taking our formal coursemate photo at sktm. I also take some interesting photo which i want to share with all of you and i wish to introduce some of our interesting coursemate.

This guy 's name is mohd elias. He know speak madarin very well. Currently we call him as magician cause he knows how to perform magic to entertain us and with his special magician hair. He always tell us that " i was born to perform". I love his slogan !! If you interest to watch about his magic please click here

This pretty girl's name is Erma. She is wearing so pretty today compare to usual. So i should highlight about her at my blog. For me, i think that she is kind and gentle for everyone. So we like to do assignment together with her.

This guy's name is Wan. I wish to introduce to you all because he is look like malay "Aaron Kwok Fu Shing (Guo FuCheng) " ! Do you feel that? And he is wearing slipar today with his "saphki" 's sitting for taking photo.
This guy's name is Lennon sometimes people like to talk him as LEMON !! Actually this guy is nothing special in the photo. But i want to introduce about him because in every my photo he is always looking at my camera and keep smiling. He is always alert with the camera. I think we should call him as "PHOTO KING" next times.

This is my all coursemate's photo. Everyone has their speciality and i will introduce to all of you with my next post and there are many unexpected funny photo too.


TNH said...

You didn't said that the photo sell at a high price..so we use your camera to take photo?haha

Kyle said...

Lemon = photo king... i guess he is just too good in determining with camera actually taking pictures lolx..