Friday, September 26, 2008

Sekolah Kejuruteraan teknologi dan maklumat (sktm), University Malaysia Sabah

The School of Engineering and Information Technology (sktm) was established in 1996 to meet the increasing needs of skilled manpower of the country in the field of engineering and information technology. The goals for the establishment of the school are in line with the mission of UMS to become an innovative university. The school strives to foster and promote an environment conducive to teaching and learning as well as excellence particularly in engineering and information technology. The objectives of the school are as follows:

*To develop programme of study relevant to industrial and national needs
*To produce skilled graduates in engineering and information technology who can contribute to nation building and wealth creation
*To train graduates who have strong fundamentals in relevant areas but at the same time are competent in his or her chosen field of study
*To equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills in problem solving and analytical thinking
*To expand and broaden knowledge by means of research in engineering and information technology

The programme, curriculum and courses are designed to prepare students with the necessary skills and knowledge for their careers in business, consulting, marketing, information technology, education and other fields. To achieve these objectives the school always works in collaboration with industries and various agencies so that programmes are consistently relevant to the needs of the industry.

The main purpose of School of Engineering and Information Technology offer of study programs is to create manpower that is united and trained in specific disciplines, capable of contributing to the country development as well as fulfilling educational elements which builds the ability to think, analyze and evaluate.

School of Engineering and Information Technology objective is to expand and broaden knowledge that encompasses engineering and information technology and always be active in fields which are appropriate for the current needs of an actively developing country.

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This is the view from Bilik tutorial 26/27 (sktm). That building is our big dewan canselor.

This is also the view from bilik tutorial 26/27 (sktm). The outside view is so beautiful and the air is looked so fresh.
This is the photo of bilik tutorials 26/27 (sktm). It is strongly see that the seiling leaks. I quite strange that the university have a lot of money but they all did not come to repair about it. How the student can study at that type of condition ?
Can you all see that all water leaks to bilik tutorial 26/27. How the lecturers have the mood to teach at that type of condition. What is management of sktm ? Izzit they all just take the salary and sleep at sktm office?
This photo shows that the even worse things, can you all see that how terrible the table is? How dirty the white board is? Izzit this is really a bilik tutorial for lecturers to teach the student in sktm?
In conclusion, for people who interest come to university malaysia sabah to study please make the double thinking about it. How website say ( is totally difference with what i have see !! I really did not know what the dean at sktm doing. Izzit everyday he just come to office and drink the coffee? or just come to sleep at his office? Izzit what the dean doing now is the vision and mission of sktm (at first paragraph)?


TNH said...

That is really terrible..but lousy enviroment or facility always due to lousy what can you do with that? THis is Malaysia stlye management where you can't study in any books..

Anonymous said...

mean the management staff not efficient.. they come here sit and goyang kaki everytime, then at the end of the month take their well deserve salary. That all, its malaysian style. WORK LOUSY, WORK SLOW... OMG!!! sound like turtle but turtle is more hardworking!

Anonymous said...

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