Monday, September 29, 2008

New York Restaurant at 1 Borneo

Today 27 September 2008 is a very meaningful day to me because today is my 22 year old's birthday.My gf and i have decided having the meal in new york at 1 borneo because many people have recommended us that the food in new york are delicious and the price are reasonable.

This is the photo i take before we enter the new york restaurant ! A lot of delicious food have recommended at catelog in front of restaurant.

The photo of statue of liberty at restaurant showing that freedom of restaurant. Iam wondering that why the restaurant put this photo inside the restaurant, finally i know the reason because freedom shows by statue of liberty inside restaurant mean come to eat at my restaurant when you are free !
There is one corner of restaurant is purposely given for the one whole of the family.
The photo above showing the "hawaii teriyaki chicken chop". The price is RM 16.90. This food i strongly recommended to u all because it is quite delicious and have some western style chicken chop which is cant compare with chicken rice at centre point. The weakness of this food is the chicken chop is too small that show in photo.
The food showing in the photo is Rotisserie chicken chop (half) which cost me RM 21.90. The taste of that chicken chop gets a bit similar to kenny roger 's chicken chop. Therefore i do not recommend this food to you all.
My pretty girlfriend is taking the photo of the food.
The photo showing above is the glass using by new york restaurant.I wish to complain about the glass because the glass is looked beautiful but it only can fill in with little of water which is shown at the arrow of the photo.

This is the photo i take before i go out from new york restaurant. There are quite a lot of people come to this restaurant to having their meals. If you have the chance to come to 1 borneo, please come to here to have your meal too.


TNH said...

when you go in already know that you pay for the enviroment but not the food or nothing to complain...

chewkit said...

i don know got this restourant in 1borneo. i think i wil go there. seems the food and enviroment quite ok ... erm.,, thanks 4 sharing

Kyle said...

Hehehe nice review.. where is the pasta and burger? hehehe you should recomment this too.. as well as i know this retaurant give a prefect peace environment to its customer and the service are not bad too..

ns5095 said...

Come on you sure introduce the giat burger... wakaka