Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Miracle for ums robocon team c

It is a miracle for UMS robocon team C that participate at University Kebangsaan Malaysia at March this year. Why I say ums robocon team c is a miracle for ums? This is because this team set up in one week, no budget for them, no good equipment for them, no enough motor for them, no enough aluminium for them. But they did not give up for this, they come up with simple idea that do not use any motor to control the one of their robot. But they have full spirit to build and rush their robot, they even did not sleep for few days but they never complained for tired. They didn’t go to class because they wanted to test their programming in their robot. I am sure that they will not regret that they get poor result at the final exam because they really love the robocon ums and they want to prove to other that they have ability to win in the games.

In competition, maybe many other groups and even ums team may think that they are poor with their simple design and…... But they are wrong. They are under-estimate their ability. At the round robin, their robot success to carry two times the yellow butter in 3 games which carry the highest mark than other butter.

Their robot used less that 20 second to carry the yellow butter which is very fast and surprising to other I think.

Although they lost in round robin but we really can see their fighting spirit that other ums team didn’t have this type of spirit. UMS team C just one week times , they can able to carry 2 times yellow butter in 3 games, but Ums team B only able to carry one times yellow butter in 5 games and UMS team A fail carry the yellow butter in 3 games.

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Anonymous said...

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