Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lin Dan Vs Lee Chong Wei

How you feel Lee Chong Wei VS Lin Dan in Olympic Beijing 2008 after you watch it? I still remember that day i go very early to mamak stall to watch it because i study at sabah that my house do not have television. So i need go to mamak stall to watch. That row of mamak stalls are full of people come to support Lee Chong Wei. When Lee chong wei start to walk to the court , all of us shout for him. The feeling at there are so nice but maybe lee chong wei cant hear from me. Through the television we can notice that all people going there are support and shout for Lin Dan. Do you can imagine how pressure lee chong wei is? Unfortunately i cannot imagine. At the first games we can see that lin dan totally control the court. When playing rally, lee chong wei even cant find the weaknesses of lin dan ! After that lee chong wei make the mistake by himself. lee chong wei is strong in playing net and drop shot but that days he is out of performance maybe he is influence by china people there that come to support lin dan !! I think that lee chong wei is already try his best and playing very well for his games. If people who is know what is badminton will understand that lee chong wei is already try his best , for those who is just go to support lee chong wei maybe will blame for lee chong wei because they might feel that lee chong wei is very poor that times.At the second games i hear that the people beside my table say that please give lee chong wei at least one mark because at starting lin dan vs lee chong wei (8-0) , i really very sad that to hear about it . Lin Dan is totally know the strategy of lee chong wei , and lee chong wei cant defense the ball from lin dan ! What i can say that about this games is lin dan is really top performance at this games.At the end i want to say that if people who do not understand badminton well they will say lee chong wei is very lousy or.... !! If people who understand the badminton will understand the difficult lee chong wei meet that times. Although lee chong wei lost at the end but he still smile to lin dan show the high sport spirit himself. What about if lin dan lost ? He sure will throw his racket and even do not want shank hand with lee chong wei and blame this and that !! This is what lin dan do when he lost . We love you, lee chong wei !!


JunJun-Riko said...

well written.. i love lee chong wei too...

Kuan said...

Lee Chong Wei still the best in the world!! He cannot control the game at all because Lin Dan played at his very best on that day. Lee Chong Wei already done his best for Malaysia because he already bring back a silver medal for Malaysia!

Kyle said...

Well the blame shouldn't go to lee chong wei, lets do a analysis:

--> The chance of Malaysia winning its first olympic medal rests on your shoulders.
--> 1 million ringgit prize money from the Malaysian government hangs in the balance.
--> Thousands, maybe millions of Malaysian are currently rooting for you at home. LIVE.
--> Opponent is a top-seeded opponent.
--> Competing in the Top-seeded player's country.
--> Everyone shouting 'Lin Dan JIA

Well even for a superhuman with this amount of stress lee chong wei handled it well even though he didnt give his best performances.. and he handled it well admitting defeat. That the true spirit of sportmanship..