Wednesday, March 21, 2012

那些年,我们一起追的女孩 (You are the apple of my eye)

那些年,我们一起追的女孩” is a very influence movie to me. Although this movie already been passed for few months but every plot of the movie still plant in my brain. The question had been come out that why this movie had influence most of the people so much including me? This is because 人人心中都有自己的柯景腾和沈佳仪!!! Me too…… !!!


I think fall in love to somebody is very common things while we are study in secondary school. I do fall in love with somebody during my school life. Her name was XXX. She was the top student in her class and she is very clever even she is a good joker. Due to she had a lot of good points, I was attracted by her. I was a very shy people during the time and even didn’t brave to talk with her. So the tactic that I used is “SMS”. Every night, I do sms with her and chat anything with her. I think that this is the sweet times I had for every day. For sure, I still have many stories with her but it is impossible to share all in this post. If you want to know maybe you can drop me a comment so that I able to write the story for my next posts. For sure my ending is like九把刀, we even didn’t start at all due to some reasons that I personally also don’t know.

Back to the 九把刀’s movie, I really like his movie very much until I go to buy his book to read. Within few days, I able to read finish his book about 沈佳仪. It is a miracle for me because I am not a type of people who like to read but I really like the story.

I hope that I have a chance to have “再一次相遇” with my沈佳仪. We able to chit chat everything inside a quiet café and talk about this and that. Thanks to her by giving me a sweet memory even though we are not together.



JuneJune said...

Sweet memory you had we your first love. =)

sabahking said...

June june: U also have mah !!! same same !!