Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ambitious and Money

When we come across to work, everybody is talking about money. Look like money is more important than everything. Why so Many malaysian go to Singapore to work? Because of the money for sure. Why so many engineers jumping this company and that company? Because want to get high pay and good benefits !!

I always asking myself in my heart. What is the most important things in my heart? My ambitious, girlfriend, money, enjoy the life, family or ....? I always struggling with this question. For my ambitious, i wish to be the technical expertise in semiconductor but for sure i need to sacrife for my salary. For enjoy the life, for sure muar is the nice place for me. For the money part, for sure i need to find a job in Singapore, so that i can earn fast. Choose which option i definitely need to sacrife for somethings ....... I really in the junction of the road.

STMicroelectronic is not a lousy place i feel. But should i go out to have a look ? I can't find somebody who understand me well even my family, my friends or...... haizzz

Anyway, I think is the time i should make the decision without influence by anybody and continue my journey. JIA YOU, SABAHKING.

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JuneJune said...

Though I not really understand your thoughts but I wish I could lend my ears to you whenever you need it. I will try my best to share my opinion with you. *Terms and conditions applied*.