Sunday, October 9, 2011

UMS Freescale Smart Car

Freescale smart car is the one of the competition that held year by year start from 2008. Freescale is the main sponsor for this activity. As a participant university we need to use the microprocessor to program the smart car which provided by Freescale as well. This Freescale smart car is already been competited by Korea, China and other countries since long long ago but at the year 2008 is the first time Malaysia have this competition. Since it was the first time and it is new for every university in Malaysia, throughout the good idea and good control system for our smart car, University Malaysia Sabah was the champion. Below is the video for our champion team.

For year the 2009 due to semiconductor down turn. This competition had stopped for one year. At the year 2010, the standard for other universities are improved a lot compare to the first time and more universities in Malaysia were start to participate. However, UMS was never stopped to improve ourselves by putting LED light in front of the smart car to make the line clear and the camera of our car is easier to sense for the line. Of course some new control system is putting at our programming as well. Due to our effort for these, we are the second time to be the champion for this competition. Plus we are the second runner up for this competition as well.

For the year 2011, I don't know what happen to our UMS team. UMS get nothing for this competition. The champion is UTM KL. What happen to my juniors at UMS ? Hopefully we are able to wake at the 2012 freescale smart car competition !!!

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