Saturday, February 27, 2010

Melaka one day trip with june june

Chinese New Year will be ended tomorrow. I have a wonderful Chinese New Year this year. One of the interesting things I did in this Chinese New Year was I went for a day trip to Malacca with June June. Around 10 am we departed to Malacca from Muar and arrived at Malacca at 11am. Unfortunately there were hardly to find parking spaces at Malacca. So we spent around 1 hours just to find a parking slot for my car. Sweat sweat.... !!
The first place we went was St Paul's church. St Paul's hill is located in the middle of the A Famosa Port which was built by Portuguese at the year 1511.There's a church constructed by the Portuguese Captain (Duarte Coelho) which was named : "Our Lady Of The Hill" on the peak. But later become the buried ground from the Dutch. And renamed the church to "St. Paul's Church" until today. The body of St. Francis Xavier was temporarily interred here before moving to Goa.

The pathway to St Paul's church.

There is many tombstones at the both side of the church. June June took photo with tombstones.

The view from the top of the church. We almost can view the whole Malacca. Haha.....

St Paul's church is a great place to let us to take the photo. Look at the photo above , is it look like a frame ? Hehe , this is the idea of my June June.

Another good photo I capture for June June.

There is an interesting place inside the St Paul's church where people can put money down and make a wish and may all their wishes come true. There is very true according to some tourists.

Without hesitating, I also donated the money to make a wish. My wish is very simple .... I hope that June June can marry to me soon. Hehe......

The beauty of Malacca.
At the back of St. Paul's Church, you reach the Porta De Santiago (N2°11.516' E102°15.019'). There were total of 4 gate access into the A Famosa Fort but after the Dutch invaded, the other 3 gate was destroy and this is the only gate remain......

Tourists such as June June always like to photo with cannon in front of the A Famosa Fort !! haha... !!

And even worse that some of the tourists such as us like to act as commander and soldier with the cannon.... this was from June June's idea .....

After that we had a visit at Museum of torture near the A Famosa Fort. The entrance fee is RM10. Although it is quite expensive but there are many interesting things you can look inside. June June was so unhappy with those torture things.

But I am different because I am so happy to enjoy at here. Haha....

June June was taken photo with the train ... what was the things she pointed?

We wanted to sit the train and went back to Muar. Hehe ....

There was a big aerospace at there, so as a tourist we would not miss the chance to take photos with it.

Hot weather at Malacca and walking for so long time, finally June June felt tired but she still able to take the photo.

After we had our "durian cendol" at a restaurant. Durian cendol is one of the famous food that you must try when you come to Malacca. After that we had a walk at jonker street and had Laksa at there. Unfortunately we do not the chance to try the chicken rice at Malacca because there is a lot of people waiting at there.

Soon it is the time to go back to Muar and I need to fetch june june go back to Segamat. So we back from Melaka at 4 pm. There is a lot of place at Melaka we havent visit so we will visit here again next time. Melaka..... we will come here soon .......................


Junecc said...

Next time we go for the chicken rice, okay?

*I was pointing and asking you to snap my photo on the other side. XD*

We sweat alot throughout the trip. I can see you are terribly tired. Hot weather makes us hard to walk every single places in Malacca.

kenwooi said...

i miss malacca's satay celup =)