Monday, September 7, 2009

A heart of appreciation to my whole coursemates

After reading my coursemate, c3's blog "a token of appreciation", I think that I also should write a post to thank all my coursemates that always help me.

No 1: Justin Yap

An intelligent Kuching guy that always teaches me in programming in robocon and jokes with me !! Unfortunately I am always disappointed him because I am not talent in writting programming !!

No 2: Nyuk How

Another intelligent Kuching guy that always help me in study and also programming !! We also always discuss how to win in DOTA. We also always go to "gossip" other people's things. We always make fun with each other.

No 3: Chee Lin

He is the people who always borrow me the assignment in the last minutes. I should very thank to him. One great thing is I not need to turn one round and borrow assignment from him. Just direct to him then he will send me the assignment already. How nice this guy !! Another great thing is I like to "talk get talk no" with him. A very funny guy.

No 4: Kang Choong
I should call this guy as "wikipedia". Whatever I ask him at study, he sure will give me a very good explanation. I learn a lot of theory from him. Thanks.
No 5: Chew Kit
Another wikipedia guy !!! He also always help me in study and borrow me a lot of assignment in last minutes and always save me in study. I am addicted to snooker because of him. Thanks ya.
No 6: Allan Tam
A guy that I like to "do have do don't have" with him. Always joking each other. From him, I learn a lot of ideas throughout one thing because he always comes out with a lot of ideas. One great thing is he like to fetch us go here and there to "makan angin" !!
No 7: Lennon Low
A guy who always "jio" me go to play badminton and dota. Without him, I am sure that I lost my university life. One more great thing is he is a very good leader. From him, I learn a little bit how to lead a groups which will help me in future.
No 8: Chee Kiong
A Tenom guy who always help me in training at KKIP Power Sdn Bhd. Without him, I am sure that I will give up for my dota. This is because I like to kill him or killed by him.
No 9: Mun Bin
An Ipoh guy who always borrrow me assignment in the very very very last minutes. Very thank for you. He is the people who teaches how to play dota and dota make my life wonderful.
No 10: Orb members
Orb is a dota team in ums. They always go to play dota in friday's night. I like to play with them because they are pro in dota. "Get challenge only will get improve"!!

No 11: my whole coursemate

Thanks to all my coursemates that help me before. Sorry for that I cannot mention one by one. All my coursemates are very nice ppl, without you all I think that my university life will not be so wonderful. Hopefully in future we still can contact with each other.


Hemsem Ahmike said...

Yes same as u, I am thankful to my fellow coursemate and friends. They help me a lot.

Junecc said...

You really do have a lot of nice coursemates that willing to help you go through in your uni's life. Do appreciate them as in future you will get lesser chance meeting those kind of people.

Lee Yee said...

wow sounds like wanna graduate soon hahaha

LeNNoN said...

I should thank u also for accompanying me badminton...I damn lazy find ppl who need to think twice n thrice when invite them for badminton...Your enthusiasm for badminton is much appreciated...HAHA!

LeNNoN said...

One more thing i must comment is that the picture of justin is damn damn "yong sui"...wonder how u took it and who captured it...haha...

TNH said...

I wonder will you still say dota make your life wonderful after today match??

Anonymous said...

Unequivocally, a prompt reply :)