Saturday, May 16, 2009

Semi final result of Sudirman Cup World Team Championship 2009

Korea VS Indonesia (semi final)

mixed doubles
Lee Yong Dae/ Lee Hyo Jung (Korean) win Nova Widianto / Liliyana Natsir
21-18, 21-14

My Opinion
I think for mixed double Lee Yong Dae and Lee Hyo Jung are the strongest pair in this sudirman pair. They really palying well !! Unbelieveable powerful.

Men singles
Sony Dwi Kuncoro (Indonesia) wins Park Shun Hwan (Korea)
14-21, 21-15, 22-20

My Opinion
I think the standard of the two players almost the same. So they took a long time to finish one game. Ah the third games, their point almost same from starting to the end. The 2 players are playing very carefully. At the Sony wins .... I get a bit surprise... !!

Women Singles
Hwang Hye Youn (Korea) wins Yulianti Maria Kristin (Indonesia)
23-11, 21-19

Men Doubles
Jung Jae Sung/ Lee Yong Dae (Korea) Vs Mohammad Ahsan/ Hendra Setiawan (Indonesia)
21-9, 21-19

My Opinion
I think the main reason the men doubles lost to Korea is the absense of the top pair man double of Indonesia - Markis Kido/ Hendra Setiawan. If not maybe Indonesia have the chance to enter the final tomorrow.

Congratualtion to Korea who win Indonesea with the result 3-1. Hopefully Malaysia tonight able to win China. Please support Malaysia tonight at 7pm !! Lee Chong Wei BOLEH !!

Malaysia VS China (semi final)

mixed doubles
He Han Bin / Yu Yang (CHina) wins Mohd Fairuruan / Wong Pei TTy (malaysia)
21-9, 21-11

Men singles
Lin Dan (china) wins Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia)
21-16, 21-16

Men doubles
Cai Yun / Fu Hai Feng (china) wins Koo Kien Kiat / Tan Boon Heong (Malaysia)
19-21, 21-15, 23-21

Tomorrow Korea will play with China. Who will be the winner of the Sudirman cup 2009? I personally hope that it is KOREA.


aLvin said...

anyway, i prefer indonesia for this match

manyi said...

wah..u got so many opinion o~~~hehe~~~

Anonymous said...

sighs malaysia..
all the best! =D