Saturday, May 23, 2009

The life I am undergoing training at KKIP Power Sdn Bhd

Telipok is a town located about 15 kilometres north of Kota Kinabalu, in Sabah, Malaysia. The town is within the administration of Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu and is a sub-district of the city. It is also part of the urban expanse of Kota Kinabalu or part of its metropolitan area. It is situated nearby Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park, and is within 5 kilometres of the towns of Menggatal, Sepanggar, and Tuaran. Please click here to know the exact location of Telipok.

This is my first time I go to Telipok together with KKIP's friends. Everyday they will go to Telipok to buy fish and vegetables for the purpose to cook at afternoon. For me I feel that Telipok gets a lot of similarity with the Gaya Street at Kota Kinabalu.

The photo above shows the surrounding of the market in Telipok.

A lot of people who live at Telipok will come here to have a shop because the things sell at here are quite cheap.
My friends buy fish and vegetables at here. When you come to here, you will listen the fishmongers shout the fish 's price. The fish sell here is crazilly cheap compare at Kota Kinabalu's price.

There are various shoes sell at here too but their shoe is not fashionable but is quite cheap.

You also can by some of the kitchen compulsary things at here as well.

There are cute dogs sell at here just like Gaya Street, KK. I love to see these cute dogs but I cant buy them back because Iam too lazy.

There is "angsa" at here too. The price is too expensive, one pair of "angsa" is RM320.

There are a lot of cute cute animals at here. You must come here to have a visit if you come to sabah.

After they finish to buy their fish, they will come to this shop to see and chat with this two girls. Izzit they pretty? Maybe this is their happy time because working at KKIP is very boring. We need to wait for the work such as consumers complain, equipment spoil, and etc. If not we just sit at KKIP for the whole day.

Photo above shows my friends ay KKIP and they chat with those two girls.

Again these two girls' photo. Their name are B and Neil. I do not know their exact spelling and they are pure Kadazan Dusun.

Before I leave I still able to catch one more photo.

I still have 8 weeks to undergo my training at KKIP. There will be more story I will tell u all in my future posts.


Hemsem Ahmike said...

Great do share more with us k :)

Borneo Falcon said...

I would love to flirt with those girls too.... :)

TNH said...

No bad...still got place to visit during training...haha

HuiHui said...

wow..u in training now ya..

all the best ya

Anonymous said...

you flirting with the girls?
hahaha.. naughty naughty..
all the best in your training ya =D

June June said...

So, you got buy the fishes and vegetables from there? Seem likes you really enjoing your practical training there.

(You want to die?Take the gals photos for so many times)Grrr....

Lee Yee said...

hahaha... u are also having training ah. but tat place seems quite far from kk le. just lik tat ums so far far away from town hai...