Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine 2009 with june june

From my previous post, after june june received my chocolate flower at exactly 12am, 14 February, I also received a present from june june as well. The special present from june june is "a formal + fashion shirt".

I think that the shirt is very nice and very suit for me. Agree with me? Thank for june june.

Izzit the shirt should wear like this or like previous photo?

At night of valentine day, I am having my candle dinner with june june at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at 1 borneo.
Some of the famous food at this cafe.
June june ordered the spagetti for her dinner.

Izzit my mouth is very big ?

I order the HK milk tea for the drink. For your information, it is totally different with the "teh tarik" at the mamak stall. It costs me RM 3.80.

June june order a cincau for her drink.

Surrounding of the Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.
Some other delicious food at menu and the price is quite reasonable.

Finally I finished to eat everything. It is really a delicious food at here. You come to here have a try.

June june is acting cute now.

Another cute cute photo from june june.

Romantic night with june june.

June june is so pretty today !

I also very handsome today.

Yoyo miss qiqi now. Enjoy to read my post.


Josephine said...

So romantic....

Harmony said...

Haha what a nice metal cup to store the drink

Anthea said...

so nice! i also went there to eat the other day

alien said...

happily ever after..

Ahmike said...

Wow so sweet :) She is pretty and you're handsome :)

AtelierGal said...

wow! it's not crowded at all!

you two look good together

TNH said...

candle light dinner??? where is your candle???

Mackey~* said...

YO! Sry for being late, never comment for this post on time, haha!
so sweet! (envy**)
Nth much about it, just duno whr to express my feelings. that's right, emotional girl.
(dun scare me!! >.<)

yvonne said...

qiqi gonna celebrate her valentine also la.. haha

Group 3 said...

haha.. u din mention she gt cry o not le haha