Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A simple reunion dinner with family

I had been away from my blog for almost one week. This is because I went back to my hometown to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my family and friends last week. I was quite interested to share with all of you about this year's reunion dinner of my family.

Before the dinner began, I done some decoration for my house. I like the decoration above because the boy and the girl were so nice by saying that " Gong Xi Fa Cai" and "Wan Si Ru Yi" !

Again "Gong Xi Fa Cai" to all of you. My family likes to hear "Gong Xi Fa Cai" from people. So my family members always bought the decoration things with "Gong Xi Fa Cai" to decorate my house.

"Gong Xi Fa Cai" again. Hopefully the year of ox, I really can "Fa Cai" in this year.

A beautiful "chun" paste in my house.

A golden "fu" for my family.
At night, my mother was busy for preparing dinner. I also busy snapping photo of the dishes. My mother laughed at me by saying that "lousy dishes, you took those photos for what"? At that times I felt very touch and suddenly felt want to cry because my mother always love and care of me since I was young.
Hot and spicy fish and prawn.
My mother knew that I love to eat those spicy dishes so she purposely cooked for me.

A black sauce pork with those "worm"
My sister loves to eat this dish. Every chinese new year we sure eat this.

Shao rou

My father loves to eat "shao rou" so my mother ask me go to my father's favourite stall to buy the "shao rou" !!

Steam chicken

As my brother cannot eat for those spicy dish. So my mother steamed the chicken for my brother.


A simple soup with a wonderful taste. This is because the soup is cooked by my mother.


Actually i disliked to eat this because it was damn expensive. I did not want my parent waste the money to buy all this.

Full dishes

This year, there are less for my family reunion dinner because my elder sister and my younger are married already.

My family

I feel sad also because this year my family do not have the chance to gather to have the reunion dinner because my elder brother comes to home late. So my father and I have the dinner first. I hope that next year my elder brother will not be late again.

My second brother and my mother
My mother always the people who sayang us the most. She had been busy cooking dinner for us until she does not have the time to take the shower.

I am glad that because I have a wonderful family. Chinese New year is almost over, I hope that everybody is healthy and everything will move smooth in this year.


Harmony said...

Ah, it sure feels good to have a reunion together :)

June June said...

You have a warm family and great mom. So you have to be home when there is holiday. happy chinese new year. I just updated my blog.

Mackey~* said...

Not bad! had it with your family..I dint..>_<
Miss my brother in Penang!

Mackey~* said...

Not bad! had it with your family..I dint..>_<
Miss my brother in Penang!

Alex Chua said...

a warm and happy family :) happy chinese new year, wish you and your family happy forever.

Alex Chua said...

a warm and happy family :) happy chinese new year, wish you and your family happy forever.

Ahmike said...

So nice to gather with our loved ones.

Never forget them :) I had a great time with them too

a@ron said...

Wow, that reunion dinner was full of delicious food!

Mackey~* said...

YO!! haha, I dun have his pic..In fact, I never talk to him b4, HAHA!

Anthea said...

nice one! i wish my sis is with us too.but she is alone back in scotland :( happy cny!

Konea♥ said...

Very warm and loving family.. :)
nice food too! :)
still not too late to wish you a happy chinese new year =)

Boris said...

wow you really celebrate CNY do you?

xinying said...

a very nice and warm family u have there.. ^^ i pla to update my blog about the family reunion dinner too!! ^^

Mackey~* said...

HAHA! Who is her??

TNH said...

i really like this feeling..having meal with all family member..miss home lots...

Amie said...

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