Saturday, February 7, 2009

I love my house

Today I would like to introduce my house to all of you. As everybody know my hometown is in Muar, Johor. I think Muar has became famous place after the incident "NegaraKu" from a "Muar 's intelligent singer."

My house

I still remember during my primary school day, I hate my house because my house is a wooden house. All my friends' house are the terrence houses and their house are very beautiful. I am very envy of them. Besides that, every night when I sleep there are a lot of mosquites bite me and make me the whole night cannot sleep well. After grow up, I "super love" my house because I not need air-con at night or afternoon because everyday my house is very cold. This is because there are a lot of trees beside my house. After that I make friend with the mosquites and every night they sing for me when I sleep. It sounds very funny right?

My house 's toilet

There is one speciality of my house - the toilet is outside my house. Every night when we want to go to toilet, we need to go alone and it is very scareful. For example, I will always think that there are the "ghosts" behind me. So when I finish use the toilet I will quickly ran back to my house. I still remember that my sister saw a snake in the toilet before and we ask people come to catch the snake. After that we named the toilet as "HORROR TOILET" !

My dog's house

It is very good to be my house's dog. This is because it will have a comfortable dog house as shown as photo above. The dog not need to find the shelter when raining.

"Duku" tree

Duku is a malay word. When I was primary school, my father planted a lot of duku, langsat, and duku+langsat tree. When the season came, my brother and I will climb to the tree to eat the sweet and fresh duku. It was very usual to bite by the ants on the trees and also fall down from the trees.

Durian tree

There are some durian trees planted near my house too. When the durina season came, we will have a lot of durians to eat. But too bad there are a lot of squirrels at there, so the durians always been eaten by those squirrels. So my father always made the traps to catch the squarrels.

"Kelapa sawit"

Palm oil estates also planted behind my house. When I was young I always played hide and seek with the my coursin. I always hide in the estate. I still remember that when I was young I was bitten by the bees at here and made me not dare to come at here anymore.


When I studied at secondary school, the durians trees were old already so my uncle cut down all the durian tree and started to plant the mangosteen tree near my house. After year and year, finally we had the mangosteen to eat when mangosteen season came. But my uncle met an accident and passed aways. We will always remember him and cried once we eat the mangosteen.

Rambutan tree

This is a rambutan tree planted by my father. We had a lot of sweet rambutan trees when season came. Sometimes my father will sell the rambutans to some of the fruit stalls.

Banana trees

Nobody plant the banana near my house but they grow by themselves. There is a stall in my kampong selling the "nasi lemak" and "pisang goreng" always the banana leaves and pisang from us. We earn some money from the banana trees.

Pandan leaves

I always tell my friends' that my house get a lot of pandan leaves but they usually not believe after they come to my house to have a look. We usually used the pandan leaves to cook with the green bean. When in primary school my coursin and I will catch the spider at here to fight each other. There are a lot of spider inside the pandan leaves.

Vegetable 1
Can u able to guess what is this vegetables? My house is full of this vegetables and this vegetables is very delicious when it cooks with chilli.

Vegetable 2
I think this vegetable is very familiar to all of you. It can be seen easily in pasar.

My mother's bicycle
My father and mother are rubber tappers. At early of the morning, my mother wake up and cycling to tap the rubber. The place is not too far from my house. My mother still go to tap the rubber even though she is 63 years old already. I promised myself after I graduate I will give a comfortable life to my parents. I hope that I can success.
Now I study at kota kinabalu, it is a big city. I feel that I prefer to live in kampong. I miss my house. I love my house. I had a very memorable childhood in my kampong with my kampong friends and coursin too.


Harmony said...

How on earth can squirrels open up the durian >.<

Anyway kampung life is free and easy. Good for a getaway.

HuiHui said...


wow..wat tree oso hv larr..

yvonne said...

next season come don't forget to treat me some! hahaha
ya, your sis told me that day!
it is really a small world =p

alien said...

kampung is peaceful place..
where we can get relaks..
enjoy the cricket sound at night..
bird voices during early morning.. also cock will wake us during dawn..

love my kampung..

HuiHui said...

no wonder u look like coconut tree``



Visiting :):) and look post..

June June said...

so, when you wanna invite me to your house?

Lee Yee said...

I had experience using tat kind of toilet when I go to my grandma house when i was a kid. haha..ur blog brings back old memory.

Alex Chua said...

Lovely house with happy family :)

Ahmike said...

I don't care what people say nowaday :)

I was living house like yours too. Even now it's still exist. Honestly, not everyone can taste this type of life. All they know is city life, shopping, clubbing etc.

I enjoy village life. Good to refresh my mind :) I will post about it too xD give me 5 bro !

Anthea said...

hehehe...ur childhood is almost like mine , too. cos my parents plant lots of vege n fruit trees at their when we go there, we need to help out.when young i dun like to go in cos lots of mosqi, but now think back, it was so much fun, i mean better than the kids nowadays who dun have any childhood leisure!

TNH said... many fruits..what human use to do is to envy other you envy people with a brick house..but other's might envy your life style too...

xinying said...

wah wah.. a very nice and peaceful type of house.. and lotsa fruits too.. i wan some.. XD

Josephine said...

Your post reminded me about my grandma's house in Ipoh!
Ya, u r rite, no need air cond wan! Wooden house is cooling during midnite.
For mosquitoes, we use mosquitoes net.
But grandma's house, the toilet is in the house itself. If i stay in ur house, i think i will stop drinking after 3pm, in order not to go to the toilet after 7p.
And yes, my grandma's house got snakes too, scary...

Boris said...

awesome! I bet you get a lot of good night sleeps and naps around the your house.

the ambiance is nice. love it! :)