Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tun Fuad Stephens Park (Bukit Padang) Expediture

Tun Fuad Stephens Park is the most popular jogging site in Kota Kinabalu city. During weekend and Sunday, there are so many joggers that very likely you would see your friend or familiar faces. Besides the jogging trail, there are some hiking trails that lead you to the top of the hill. Normally, it took me about half an hour to walk up there. Many KK Lites use this hill to train for an easier climb on Mt Kinabalu.
Currently, I failed to ascend to the top of Mt Kinabalu. Look at my previous post. So I decided to train at Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu before I go to ascend Mt Kinabalu again. We departed at 5.00am from june june's house to ascend the Bukit Padang. We hoped that we able to see the sunrise at the top of Bukit Padang.

I was wearing my blue cap. We still looked sleepy !!

My friend, Nelson Wi : "no petrol how to go to Bukit Padang" !!

June june was ascending the stairs at Bukit Padang. She shouted at me "Why still get so many stairs at here" ? I answered her by saying " This is last stair for you" !

Joggers were doing exercise at here. They looked healthy and energetic compared to us (younger men and younger girls).

June june : " Izzit this is really my last stair"?

The last part was the “tyre” trail (should be renamed as “tired trail”) that I scared the most, extremely tiring… But soon you would forget all the pain, when you were washed by the windy fresh air and saw the view of KK city under you.

There were many entrances for you to ascend to the top of Bukit Padang. This is another roads for you rather than walk up from the tyre path.

Uncle do not pumping alone at here, you are too old already. Is dangerous....

Finally arrived the top of the hill.

"Touch The Sky" at the top of the hill.

We missed the sunsrise. Sun was already at the top of our head. So disappointed....

After waited 15 minutes at the top of hill, finally nelson successfully reached the top too. He looked so exhausted.
The first thing nelson did when he reached the top-sat on the chair !! He was really tired.

Wah ....uncle why you so fast reached the top of hill ? You drank tongkat Ali or Red Bull?

Taking the photo with my sweetheart , june june at the top of hill.

We descend the mountain, we still have energy to take the photo.

Oh my god, dog dog also trained at here to ascend the mountain !! This dog was so cute and clever because it looked at me when I was taking its photo.

Ah pek and Ah mak woke up early to pratice the "tai chi". They shouted "breath in , breath out" !!
Water World was just near the Bukit Padang. Due to time limiting, so we planned to come to water world next time. "Water world, I will come soon" !!

Beside that you also have the chance to pass by the Fishermen Village seafood restaurant. The Fishermen Village seafood restaurant is very popular with tourists, for its seafood steamboat cuisine and the nightly cultural dance shows. "Sorry no money so next time only come to eat" !!

I finished another page of sweet memory with june june. "Goodbye Tun Fuad Stephens Park" !!

The beauty of Kota Kinabalu from the top of the Bukit Padang


AtelierGal said...

I'm not a hiking person, so I don't see much fun lol

Next time take more pix of the sky minus the scenery. I collect them :)

Borneo Falcon said...

I like this type of outdoor activity.

TNH said...

i went there before..but did not go up the mountain..just walk around...

Josephine said...

hey u need to gain weight!
You are too thin...

HuiHui said...

u go to climb another bukit lagi??

June June said...

aduh!!!y u put my sleepy so blur that time we go there again. i wanna go water theme park and kampung nelayan.wana go together ma?

Anonymous said...

u thought is "pa san" climb mountain ar?? Hiking la, uncle

sabahking said...

To : AterialGal
Actuallu hiking is really fun. Maybe u can have a try. If possible next time i will take more sky photos.

To : Borneo Falcon
This type of outdoor activity is really fun.

To : Tnh
So u must go to ascend the mountain. The view at there is really wonderful

To : Josephine
I always want to gain my weight but always fail !! hehe..

To : Hui hui
yaya... i go to ascend another mountain again ! it is fun.

To : june june
Ok ... next time we go to water world and kampung nelayan eat !! ur sleepy photo is very attractive mah !! hehe !!

To : Anonymous
I change it already !! Thank for ur lesson !! If possible please leave ur name here !!

Konea Kamin said...

I used to train there a lot! with my swimming team.. :] we always go hiking.. haha..
oh and ya.. :D its nice if u go running there.. i mean..
the jogging track.. :]

xinying said...

wah.. i wanna try thr one day... how long does it take to climb to the top? and whr's the exact location ah?

KwOnG FeI said...

nice trail..
one question:
u depart at 5 am and you cant see the sunrise???
hw long u took to go up the top of the hill?

Harmony said...

Climbing stairs on a hill is a bother right..

sabahking said...

To : Konea Kamin
yaya... since that day i love hiking !! maybe i will train at there aften also !! maybe i will suddenly meet u !!

To : Xin Ying
It takes half an hour to reach the top !! It just follow the signboard along the lintas ! very easy to go !!

To : Kwong Fei
I think we took half an hour to reach the top !! but the top we already at 6.15 am already !! sabah 's sun rise very early !!

To : Harmony
It is fun...

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