Saturday, January 10, 2009

People nowadays

To me, I think Muar is a great place for me because the people in muar are friendly and easy to understand. I have studied in UMS for 3 years. Throughout these 3 years I met a lot of different people. Let me summarize it

1. Selfish
I think everybody is selfish. For me, the most important thing is how selfish they are! In my 3 years life in UMS, I always meet this type of people, maybe I am the unlucky one. For example, some of the people are selfish to share their notes or pass years examination papers. They just want to know what other people know but they do not want other people know what they know. So complicated.

2. Thinking themselves
There are a lot of people who only think themselves. If you are this type people, luckily you are always the people who are benefit from other people and you will not let other people take the benefit from you.

3. Wearing mask
I hate the people who are wearing the mask. Some of the people are like that they take different people in different way. For example, some of the people are benefit to him and he can take a lot of advantage from them so he takes them very good, another group of people are not benefit for him so he pretends that he do not see them when passby or….. !

4. Kind

For me I think that the people who are kind in my university are the people who die faster. If you are kind, everybody for sure comes to take advantage from you. I am sure that everybody will bully him and keep ask him to do this and that.

5. Alone
Of course there are a lot of people who are alone and “solo” in my university. Previously, I feel that this type of people lost their university life but now maybe I should say that alone / solo maybe is a great thing for them because they not need care for anything and just live themselves in their life.

6. Gang Gang Gang

There are a lot of gangs in my course. I find that every gang for sure that will talk bad for other gang. For example they will say that this lecturer always gives extra tips of exam for this gang but this gang refuses to share. I should say that this type of people is really stupid. This is because he never knows the true and likes to simply say something. What is the exam for him? Score well? As a first class student? Or really learn something?

I think this post will be a boring post for all of you. But I hope that you can read it because currently I lost myself in my life. Now I even do not know what is mean by "true friends". Everybody is wearing mask and protecting themselves. Everybody wants to make use the people to gain benefit. Izzit I should become like them? Izzit true friends do not exist now? Izzit I should change for the surrounding? Izzit I should lose my identity so that I am able to communicate with them? Please tell me what to do!!


June June said...

Everyone in this reality world is selfish. I admit that I'm a selfish person too. But I don't like to wear a mask. I just to be myself. Beside, I hate people wearing mask. So, when u meet this kind of ppl, better run away from them. haha...or mayb u can change the person if u approaches them. Good luck to u.

alien said...

you mean muar, johor ek?
people live in muar and melaka got same character.. since i`ve study in alor gajah while i studied my Dip..

People there friendly..
but.. gurauan drg kasar2(bahasa).. suka cakap kasar2 tapi xde makne paper..


Lisalicious said...

perhaps you've met too many 'bad' vibes people than good ones :)

hey...cheer up ok? not everyone is as bad as they seem :) some are kind and good too :D

Ahmike said...

Bro, where there is people this thing will surely happened. Undeniably, my form 6 life was like that too. I saw many "faces" behind the real them. Most importantly, be ourselves !

Josephine said...

AhMike is rite. Just be yourself!
Don't trust ppl easily.

Borneo Falcon said...

I met all kind of those people when I was in university. But that is just the beginning. Life is much more uglier when you start to work. There are more devils out there

sabahking said...

To : june june
I think i will listen what u say cause u always give a good advice to me.

To : alien
i agree with u !! The people who always say kasar kasar are the people who are very nice !! The most educated people is the people who always wearing the mask !!

To : Ahmike
i agree with u !! many "faces: around us !! so sien....

To : Josephine
I will to be myself cause i feel that i dun want to lose my identity !!

To : Borneo Falcon
then i should be die now after i graduate the world is become more dark !!

xinying said...

hoho.. i do met most of the people that you'd mentioned too. And meeting those peoples really do made me know about what's the reality altho it do hurts. Just take it as a challenge... and just be yourself.. ^^

HuiHui said...

muar ppl are the most friendly 1..

jz like me!

suka cakap kasar 

teck liang,tat mean i m nice la~

Jason Law said...

Maybe I always ignore minor stuffs and haven't faced many people like this before. If I noticed he/she is this kind of person, I will avoid him/her quickly...

We have to learn the way of dealing with these people :P

Anyway, nanged your top10 post for the last 24 hours. Hope you too ~hahah

sabahking said...

To : Xin ying
yaya.. I will take it as the challege before go to work !! hopefully I able to stand about it.

To : Hui hui
u r the nicest people in muar !! and the most friendly one !!

To : Jason
I think start from now i should learn how to deal with these type of people !!

Allison said...

hahaha..this type of situation, this type of ppl occurs everyday in our life and seriously there were so many times i ask myself, am i the only one trap with these type of ppl around me. well, apparently not! :)