Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poor traffics with poor earnings from nuffnang

After my university re-opened, there are a lot of courseworks that I need to finish it. Some of courseworks really take me a lot of times to do it. This mean that the times I spend with my blog become less and less. As a result, my friends, my cute cute followers, my online friends and other bloggers started to forget my blog. I am so sad when each time I looked the analytic of my blog in nuffnang. One day is poorer than one day.

Last week's traffic

Before the university re-opened, some of the days my blog can even achieve more than 200 people per day without using blog explosion.

This week's traffic
After the university re-opened, I seldom write a good post for my favourite visitors and visit other blogger's blog. This mean that they start to leave my blog. As a result my traffics drops a lot from 200 people per day until less than 100 per day. In this week I also quite often to use blog explosion to maintain the traffic in my blog.

In this month, the earning I earn from nuffnang also drops a lot. Now I only get 2 campaigns running in my blog plus both of them are in the large rectangular. After I blog about 6 months, my earnings are RM 35.43 only !! When I can cash out the money, the question I always ask myself?

What I hope for my blog ?

a) Hopefully I able to write more good post to attract back those visitors who leave my blog !
b) Hopefully nuffnang can give me more campaigns in my blog !!
c) Hopefully my 22 cute cute followers can come to visit my blog once they online!
d) Hopefully I able to cash out the money in February maybe as a "ang pau" from nuffnang !
e) Hopefully more new visitors know about my blog !
f) Hopefully I have more times to visit other blogger's blog !!

To all my favourite visitors, Izzit have any ideas that can help me to maintain my blog's traffic? Please write in at my comment !! Izzit I should learn from Jun jun riko to write the 18 Sx post to get the traffic from innit nuffnang? What should I do for my blog ? Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

wow... my still even further then your. less then 100 ppl per day....sad, after looking at your chart

Naim Putera said...

yea. sad sad. mine way lower than urs. lol. why care so much abt the money? lol.
just be patience.
maybe u can get more traffics if u post the latest happenings. like obama's election and all.
politics or smtg.

Annoymous said...

Ah, post more i guess. more hot news too.

ku E said...

ya... at least yours better than mine. luckily i got opps from PPP also :)

Anonymous said...

Yours 5 time higher than mine. i only can maintain 20visitor a day =.=


Just let it be, mine lesser than yours eh bro. Blog is not for traffic but your own fulfillment. Not what people can get but yourself. bro I must say you have high traffic, I got 50-60 sometimes. But still, I am satisfied. xD

Jason Law said...

I agree with Ahmike ~
But if you wanna reach higher traffic, you must have done a lot of research and spend lots of time..

I'm here to support you~hhaha

marcusan said...

Hey, swung by from innit.

Well, ive been where you are, and i sometimes fall back to where you are too. No matter what, dont give up kay?!

Here's a tip. You may want to plan, say for a two week period, about the various thing you could blog about. get them ready beforehand and then schedule post them for that two week period.

set the time for posts to post themselves, like say, early in the day, so tht when ppl check your blog, they see sumthing new for the whole day? :)

ad since you wudnt have mush heavy duty blogging to do during tht period (because its all schedules already) you shud use tht time to visit your frens blogs (and practically everyone oninnit too) and leave a comment or message at their cbox.

this will generate interst and ppl will come; either to see what you have posted, or to reply your message.

we'll, thts what i did, and i survived. :-)

all the best, and you can do it! XD XD XD

ps. owh, like Ah Mike sed, its all about self satisfaction too. dun give yourself too high a target, or ull be easily dissappointed. XD

Eric said...


I'm from malaysiatonight.blogspot.com.

I think your blog looks really boring (no offence). I almost fell asleep reading it - but anyways, Nuffnang's earnings are mediocre - unless you work for Nuffnang, or you are Kenny Sia.

Its like politics - if you dont polish Tim's shoes, probably get nothing at all.

Unknown said...

dear sabahking,
Mind statistics is lower than yours. It starts as 20 when i first check in the morning, but by the end of the day, it reaches only 60.
I strongly feel that blog should be a personal account of ones life. I mean we are not professional bloggers. We don't travel as much as KennySia. We blog about our daily life and what happen around us. by us.. for ourself.
I am sure you have a job and blogging is just a hobby, right? So, don't feel too bad about it.
chee hung

Anonymous said...

update more often

Josephine said...

Your traffic consider very high liow lor...
Mine is lower than u lor. I blog about me and my life nia. Maybe readers are not interested with my life gua. But never mind lah, is my blog ma, i should write things that I like rite? Btw, I got my nuffnang cheque liow, hehehe...

Good Luck!

Unknown said...

blog what you like is important? will get sick eventually if its not free will.

Cheryl Goh said...

what blog explosion do you use?

Angel said...

You have 200 visitors per day and that is already very good. Congrats wei. Hehehe. I can't even get more than 20 visitors per day. Maybe it's coz my posts are too long. =P

But anyway, thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed reading the posts. =)

Angel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xinying said...

wahliu.. 200 to 100 visitors per day?! damn high ler.. (-_-) my visitors are more lower than u think ler.. dun be too sad about that... i'm still your loyal visitor... i'll still visit here almost everyday.. =)

Mackey~* said...

wow, so many XXX comments...
I never check my nuffnang like age ler, haaha!!
thx for your concern, I'm growing up, but I really don't like the feelings..but who does?
but nvm, I think I can overcome it, I have a dream, and it makes me keep going.
anw, jiayou for ur course-work! ^_^
And, thank you!! =)

Annoymous said...

Ah, keep a regular bookmark of those whom you want to keep in contact and do regular comments on their web? It helps too. Just like me, i always kept those who comments on mine on bookmarks so i can continue having their attention fixed on me.

Chew said...

Your visitor is consider a lot leh.

Pike-chan said...

Actually i have low traffic problem too.. and then i started using http://www.easyhits4u.com

For every site u surf at their site, it will be reciprocated at your site. May not be good quality traffic but if you just wanna pump up unique traffic count, u may want to try it.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I believe this article can help you boost your blog traffic!


Annoymous said...

Blogsoldiers and blogexplosion too works.

They are traffic directors, but never a serious reader. So if you want traffic but not loyal readers. That 2 are for you.

Konea K. said...

i never forget ur blog la. :D Im a very setia cute cute follower okay? hehe.

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