Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making money with website/blog

Today I have nothing to do. After finished visit all my friends + followers ' blog , I go to lowyat to search something that attract me."Making money with web/ blog" is the title which attract me a lot. I read all the question / answer from the forum.
Due to economy is bad now, Obama cant do anything for me. As a result I want to paste more advertisements in my blog to get some extra pocket money so that my parents not need to give me so many money for study.
I am quite interested with the advertisements as shown below but I am not understand about the details of the advertisement so I wished to get some ideas from all of you.
Advertlets :
WidgetBucks :
Google Adsense :
Text-Link-Ads :
LinkWorth :
LinkXL :
Kontera :
Review Me :
LoudLaunch :
PayPerPost :
Chitika :

Now I have google adsense and nuffnang advertisement. I hear from my friends by saying that payperpost will take out my google rank if I join it. Advertlet will take out my glitterati nuffnang. So I am not interested with these 2 advertisements !

Do you know more about the advertisements that I stated above or not? Please share with me.


Borneo Falcon said...

You can try adbrite as well. But income slower than adsense.

LEon said...

I was wondering, are you earning from adsense already? I didn't see any adsense in your blog tho.

Joe Brown said...

Are you asking others because you're too lazy to do your own research? Google bro.. Google!

sabahking said...

To : Borneo Falcon
I will take ur idea to google about adwrite !

To : Leon
yaya i have google adsense advertisement !!at top and beside !!

To : Joe Brown
yaya I am a bit lazy to google all of advertisements !! I will google it after some people recommend me about the advertisement !!

Jason Law said...

wow...that's lots of websites. Thanks for your info bro ^^~

I quit Adbrite, besides the slow earning, the quality display of the ads were really lousy..

I am curious why would involve in pay per post and your pagerank will be taken out?

Btw, you said you haven't seen a real condom before,serious?lol

xxx said...

I earn nothing yet :(

Annoymous said...

Ah, here's my personal opinion which lacked some degree of technicality. So you can just read and don't get serious yeah.

I feel adbrite sucks because i got low attendence. Maybe i suck instead.

Nuffnang is... still okay except adverts come in damn slow for me even though i have a higher band.

Adsense: Banned Damn. Wonder why..

Text link ads: I'm still waiting for people to pay for my slots. Sigh.

Advertlets: Not bad... might consider changing from nn to advertlets.

Anonymous said...

Brother I have one other full list too check it out :)

Jerry said...

Hi sabahking,

I do Google Adsense only. I make about $1-$2 per day. If I didn't enjoy doing my blog and helping others I wouldn't bother with it. I hear the stories about people being banned by google so I'm careful about what I put on my blog.

Seems to me that the people who make a substantial amount of money have many many visitors per day. I think putting a lot of ads on a page degrades the usefulness of it. It doen't matter how many ads you have on a page if few people are visiting it. Just my humble opinion.

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God bless,