Saturday, December 27, 2008

Funny Pictures From my Email.

Currently I received some funny pictures at my email. Enjoy to see these photos.

Dogs take bath

Pity dog


Funny chicken Family
New Police Car

Pig is doing exercises

Lao Ah Pek

New type of Laptop

Please leave comments to me what you feel about the photos? Izzit funny? Interesting?


rumiko kato said...

haha i like the 'how u explain this' LOL
the chicken and elephant LOLftw so darn cute =D

Alex Chua said...

Hahaha, I Love the Lao Ah Pek :P nono, is Ham Sup Lao Ah Pek, thanks for visiting my blog, today is holiday, not going out, that why mass posting of post in my blog. Hehe, have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

haha like the dog bath pic! =)

Jason Law said...

hoo~top 10 XD

June June said...

the dogs are so funny and doggy oso lik that when I help him time i take photo of my doggy taking shower ya...

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

dogs are cute due to their fur. just like humans, with their hair. lol

sabahking said...

To : rumiko Kato
the first i see the photo i also surprising and laugh.

To : Alex Chua
The first time i look at lao ah pek picture i also dun understand, finally i get it.

To : Kenwooi
ya the dog bath is the true photo.

To : Jason Law
ya ya thanks...

To : June june
hopefully can see the photo soon. Ur house dog is super cute.

To: irvine
yaya the dog is cute afterits bath especially.

Automotive Blitz said...

hahaa it's really funny pics

Wenjie said...

haha... nice blog...